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- Nhiễu cấp độ 1: gồm các trạng từ.

- Nhiễu cấp độ 2: gồm mệnh đề tính từ và mệnh đề trạng từ.


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- Các sub của mệnh đề tính từ:

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- Ved của mệnh đề tính từ:

- Mệnh đề trạng từ đầy đủ:

- Mệnh đề trạng từ rút gọn:

- Các sub của mệnh đề trạng từ:

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- Phân loại danh từ:

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BÀI TẬP 1: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

1. The ponderosa pine is _____ of most of the timber used by forest product firms in theBlack Hills of South Dakota.

2. Computers that once took up entire rooms are now _____ to put on desktops and into wristwatches.

3. According to some educator, the goal of teaching is to help students learn what _____ to know to live a well-adjusted and successful life.

4. The sapphire’s transparency to ultraviolet and infrared radiation makes _____ in optical instruments.

5. _____ initial recognition while still quite young.


BÀI TẬP 2: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

6. Mango trees, _____ densely covered with glossy leaves and bear small fragrant flowers, grow rapidly and can attain heights of up to 90 feet.

7. _____, the Canadian composer Barbara Pentland wrote four symphonies, three concertos, and an opera, among other works.

8. The Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park in Texas were created by volcanic eruptions that occurred _____.

9. In bas-relief sculpture, a design projects very slightly from its background, _____ some coins.

10. Alaska found the first years of its statehood costly because it had to take over the expense of services _____ previously by the federal government.


BÀI TẬP 3: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

11. With age, the mineral content of human bones decreases, _____ them more fragile.

12. Not until Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave had been completely explored in 1972 _____.

13. The first explorer _____ California by land was Jedediah Strong Smith, a trapper whocrossed the southwestern deserts of the United States in 1826.

14. Written to be performed on a _____, Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town depicts life in a small New England community.

15. _____ many copper mines in the state of Arizona, a fact which contributes significantly to the state’s economy.


BÀI TẬP 4: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

1. Associated with the Denishawn company from 1916 until 1923, Martha Grahaimdeveloped a powerful, _____ that was integral to the foundations of modern dance.

2. Some snakes lay eggs, but others _____ birth to live offspring.

3. Because it was so closely related to communication, _____ art form to develop.

4. Halley’s Comet had its first documented sighting in 240 B.C. in China and _____it has been seen from the Earth 29 times.

5. _____ that managers commit in problem solving is jumping to a conclusion about the cause of a given problem.

6. Algonkian-speaking Native Americans greeted the Pilgrims _____ settled on theeastern shores of what is now New England.


BÀI TẬP 5: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

7. The best known books of Ross Macdonald, _____ writer of detective novels, feature the character Lew Archer, a private detective.

8. The first building to employ steel skeleton construction, _____.

9. During the course of its growth, a frog undergoes a true metamorphosis _____ with fishlike larval stage.

10. Mahalia Jackson, _____ combined powerfully vitality with great dignity, was one of thebest known gospel singers in the United-States.


BÀI TẬP 6: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

11. Precious metals, gems, and ivory have been used to make buttons, but most buttons are made of _____ wood, glass, or plastic.

12. Outside the bright primary rainbow, _____ much fainter secondary rainbow may be visible.

13. An critic, teacher, librarian, or poet who hopes to broaden poetry’s audience faces the difficult challenge of persuading skeptical readers _____.

14. Following the guidelines for speaking and voting established by the book Robert’s Rules of Order, _____ during meetings.

15. Indigo is a vat color, _____ called because it does not dissolve in water.


BÀI TẬP 7: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

1. Portland, Maine, is _____ the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow spent his early years.

2. As consumers’ response to traditional advertising techniques declines, businesses are beginning _____ new methods of reaching customers.

3. The knee is _____ most other joints in the body because it cannot twist without injury.

4. The quince is an attractive shrub or small tree _____ closely related to the apple and pear trees.

5. Many gases, including the nitrogen and oxygen in air, _____ color or odor.


BÀI TẬP 8: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

6. The American Academy of Poets, _____ the 1930’s, provides financial assistance to support working poets.

7. During the Pleistocene glacial periods _____ portions of the Earth where plant and animal life flourished making it possible for people to subsist.

8. The photographs of Carrie Mae Weems, in which she often makes her family members _____, are an affectionate and incisive representation of the African American experience.

9. Hubble’s law states that the greater the distance between any two galaxies, _____ is their relative speed of separation.

10. The onion is characterized by an edible bulb composed of leaves rich in sugar and a pungent oil, _____ the vegetable’s strong taste.


BÀI TẬP 9: Hãy loại bỏ nhiễu cấp độ 1 và cấp độ 2 dưới các câu sau đây

11. A regional writer with a gift for dialect, _____ her fiction with the eccentric, comic, but vital inhabitants of rural Mississippi.

12. Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor the air contains at a certain temperature _____ with the amount it could hold at that temperature.

13. Scientists believe the first inhabitants of the Americans arrived by crossing the land bridge that connected Siberia and _____ more than 10,000 years ago.

14. Fibers of hair and wool are not continuous and must normally be spun into thread _____ woven into textile fabrics.

15. Margaret Brent, because of her skill in managing estates, became _____ largest landholders in colonial Maryland.



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