16. The boiled point of any liquid is determined by the pressure of the surrounding gases.

17. The Ranger spacecraft it provided more than 17,000 pictures of the moon.

18. Many people who live in New York City thinks that life in a large city offers special advantages.

19. The scientific revolution of the early 1900’s affected education by change the nature of technology.

20. Meadowlarks are about the same size than robins, but they have heavier bodies, shorter tails, and longer bills.

21. On May 20,1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

22. Translated into terms of psychological theory, association has been thought of as the basis of to learn, conditioning, and creative thinking.

23. The Statue of Liberty was originally proposed in 1865 to commemoration the alliance of France with the American colonies during the American Revolution.

24. Reptiles are widely distributed all over the world, but are much abundant in warm regions and are virtually absent beyond the treeline in the Arctic.

25. Alike light waves, microwaves may be reflected and concentrated.

26. Industrial buyers are responsible for supplying the goods and services that an organization required for its operations.

27. The most easiest process for mining gold is panning, which involves using a circular dish with a small pocket at the bottom.

28. Farm animals have been regardless by nearly all societies as a valuable economic resource.

29. Although it is any longer the big business that it was in the forties, radio continues to be a medium of essential communication, especially at the local level.

30. The field of dynamics in physics is concerned with a particle’s motion in relation to the forces acting it.

31. In the United States, both the federal and state governments have laws designed to guard consumers against deceptive advertise.

32. Gore Vidal has steadily pursue a literary career remarkable for its productivity, versatility, and unpredictability.

33. When overall exports exceed imports, a country said to have a trade surplus.

34. Instructors at the school of American Ballet first examine a young applicant’s instep to see whether it is pliant and shows promising of a good arch.

35. Anthropologists agree that our primitive ancestors who inhabited the tropics probably have natural protection against the sun.

36. Behavior modification techniques work best with problems that manifest itself in overt actions.

37. Because they are generally taken simply to obtain a recognizable and relatively clear image, most nonprofessional photographs demand few equipment.

38. At birth, an infant exhibits a remarkable number of motor response.

39. Common to North America, those cinnamon fern is found in wet places.

40. The origins of the Democratic party is often traced to the coalition formed behind Thomas Jefferson in the 1790’s to resist the policies of George Washington’s administration.


16. The methods of spectrum analysis vary according to the wavelength region were studied.

17. Hurricanes are severe cyclones with winds over seventy-five miles an hour who originate over tropical ocean waters.

18. A great proportion of the seeds of desert flora they possess germination-inhibiting substances.

19. Window treatment, furniture arrangement and color combine all contribute to the overall impression of a room.

20. Harvesting of grains is affected by annual changes in temperature or in the amount of moisture, but both.

21. Due to its excellent tensile strength, acetate rayon is an important material for products so as balloons, parachutes, fire hoses, and webbing.

22. It has not been determined how years sea turtles can live in their natural environment, but they will reach a very old age if left undisturbed by humans.

23. A footnote is characteristically employed to give information that is too long or too detailed be included in the body of a text.

24. Watercolors dry more faster than other paints.

25. In mathematical terms, modern algebra is set of objects with rules for connecting or relating those objects.

26. Alike most fruit trees, the quince is normally propagated from shoots or cuttings.

27. A patent gives inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for a fix period of time.

28. In 1981 the fossil jaw of a previously unknown small mammal was found onto a Navaho reservation in Arizona.

29. The wild carrot, knew as Queen Anne’s lace, gave rise to the cultivated carrot in its domesticated form.

30. A statue, a monumental, a building, or a park may be dedicated to commemorate a distinguished individual.

31. The Earth’s magnetic poles are not stationary, but slowly shift its position.

32. A emotion is not necessarily aroused by something in the outside world.

33. The elbows are joints that connected people’s up arms with their forearms.

34. Ants have an elaborate structure social, and enjoy a longevity far greater than that of most insects.

35. Municipal planners deal chiefly for the physical layout of communities.

36. A musician with multiply talents, Aretha Franklin is able to write songs that are unusually consistent in style and content.

37. Whether a healthy adult tends to feel hungry two, three, or four times a daily is a question of physiology and of culture.

38. One of the most distinction dialects of North American English, Gullah is spoken by many people in the South Carolina area.

39. The novels of John Cheever belongs to a literary tradition that is concerned primarily with manners.

40. Pennsylvania has the most institutions of higher learning than any other state has.


16. Sociological studies have found that deeply hold values and principles are highly resistant to change.

17. For centuries large communities of people have living on houseboats in parts of the world where the climate is warm and the waters are calm.

18. Benjamin Franklin made the first bifocal spectacles for self by sawing the lenses of his eyeglasses in half.

19. Not only do artificial reefs provide fish with food and shelter, they also serve as importantly underwater landmarks.

20. The United States Department of Agriculture supervises the quality, clean, and purity of meat.

21. All birds, alike most reptiles and a few primitive mammals, develop from embryos in eggs outside the mother’s body.

22. The expansion of adult training programs has resulted partially from the feminist movement, which encouraging women to improve their skills for the job market.

23. The most significant cosmological characteristic of the galaxies are the red shift in their optical spectra.

24. James Whistler was indifferent to the titles of his painted and even changed the names of some works years after their completion.

25. Duke Ellington’s orchestra, playing his original compositions and arrangements, achieving a fine unity of style and made numerous innovations in modern jazz.

26. Moles are almost completely blind, although its tiny eyes can distinguish light from dark.

27. Noise is a psychological term referring toward unpleasant, unwanted, or intolerable sound.

28. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman medical doctor in the United States, founded the New York Infirmary, an institution that have always had a completely female medical staff.

29. Criminal contempt, committed in the presence of the court, may consist of disorderly behavior, disrespectful, or disobedience of a judge’s orders.

30. The Cubist movement in art was a reaction against traditional methods of portray reality.

31. During the 1600’s skilled shoemakers scarce were in what is now the United States.

32. If a atom loses any of its electrons, it becomes positively charged and can combine chemically with other atoms.

33. The National Education Association conduct extensive research on a great many aspects of education.

34. The pain-killing agent most commonly administered in dentistry is the local anesthetic, who produces loss of feeling only in a specific area.

35. Certain types of computers work properly only in environments with controlled precisely temperatures.

36. The gorilla, while not as curious than the chimpanzee, shows more persistence and memory retention in solving a problem.

37. The belief in fairies have existed from earliest times, and the literature of many countries includes tales of fairies and their relationship to humans.

38. Acrylic paint enables artists to experiment with many colors effects.

39. Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital and largest city, is industrial and banking center.

40. A rat’s sharp teeth can gnaw through wood, plaster, or soft metallic such as lead.



16. The unit of measurement known as a “foot” has originally based on the average size of the human foot.

17. Social reformer Florence Kelly played a role in the 1893 decision of the Illinois legislature to prohibition child labor.

18. The term “technology” refers to the discoveries and inventions that help people improve its way of life.

19. Brooklyn, New York, had a population of about 23,000 when it becomes a city in 1834.

20. People can remember more information for higher periods of time when they use more than one sense in the process of learning.

21. Jazz first flourished in New Orleans, Louisiana, and then spread at cities all across the country.

22. Flower have long been cultivated and bred for their beauty and their fragrance.

23. When a spinning ball bounces, some of the energy contained in its rotation can transferred to its energy of forward motion.

24. One values product of a musk deer is musk, which comes from a gland near the male’s abdomen and is used in medicines and perfumes.

25. The economy of Little Rock, Arkansas, is basis primarily on manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and government functions.

26. The first United States citizen to become a professional sculptor was Patience Lovell Wright, which works were executed in wax.

27. A electric current can consist of charges that are positive, negative, or both.

28. Progress in the field of optically and new kinds of glass have made it possible to construct photographic lenses with a minimum number of materials.

29. In nature, the distributive of plants is obviously related to climate.

30. The United States Constitution requires that the President be a natural-born citizen, thirty-five years of age or be older, who has lived in the United States for a minimum of fourteen years.

31. How many people realize that Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings The yearling is a minor literary classic and an important contribute to regional literature?

32. Ensuring an adequate water supply have been a concern ever since people began to live in towns and cities.

33. The most substances expand in volume when they are heated.

34. Due to sophisticated transportation networks, people can now buy the same types of perishable goods in Toronto like in New York City.

35. Glaciers that develop nearly the North and South Poles advance into the sea, break into pieces, and become icebergs.

36. As inevitably as human culture has changed with the passing of time, so does the environment.

37. For some purposes it is convenient to think of a surface as the locus generated when a line straight or a curve moves through space in a prescribed manner.

38. A significant proportions of the plants and animals of Hawaii exists nowhere else in the World

39. Mass advertising is employed when person – to – person selling is impractical, impossible, or simply inefficiency.

40. Mexican jumping beans are actually seeds in which contain moth larvae whose activity causes the seeds to “jump.”


17. Doctor are discovering that there is a strong psychological component to chronic pain.

18. With her talent for business promotion, Kate Gleason expansion her family’s small machine-tool company into a major manufacturer of gear – cutting machinery.

19. Using their bills as needles, tailorbirds sew large leaves together with plant fiber to forming their nests.

20. Columns may be circular or polygonal in cross section, and are generally at least four times more taller than they are wide.

21. The poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks demonstrates a major characteristically of twentieth –century writing: the conflict between commitment to a social ideal and commitment to art.

22. Montessori preschools differ than public elementary schools in that the activities focus on the child’s individual abilities and interests rather than academic ones.

23. Josh Billings roamed the country as a laborer when he was a young man, but settled down in his later life to become a humorist and lecturing.

24. Data received from two spacecraft indicate that there is many evidence that huge thunderstorms are now occurring around the equator of the planet Saturn.

25. Every individual cell, whether its exists as an independent microorganism or is part of a complex creature, has its own life cycle.

26. Because aluminum is nonmagnetic, it is value for protecting electrical equipment from magnetic interference.

27. Nitrogen and oxygen are too important that most living organisms cannot survive without these elements.

28. Coal and petroleum resulted when plants become buried in swamps and decayed.

29. Percapita income is a nation’s entire income dividing by the number of people in the nation.

30. Jim Thorpe, a football, track, and baseball stars from Pennsylvania, is considered by many to be the greatest all-around athlete of modern times.

31. For centuries waterwheels were the only sources of power aside from human and animal strong .

32. Proteins form the most of the structure of the body and also act as enzymes.

33. The attorney general of the United States advises the President on any questions of law who may arise in the conduct of administrative affairs.

34. Many of the science fiction publications by Ray Bradbury display a desire to rebel against society’s depend on machines.

35. The age of a geological sample can be estimated from the ratio of radioactive to nonradioactive carbon present in the object is examined.

36. Dams vary in size from small rock barriers to concrete structures many feet height.

37. Even before the human organism developed into their present stage of home sapiens, the beginnings of culture were already evident.

38. In the United States, sleds for recreation were first produced commercial in the 1870’s or thereabouts.

39. Employments agencies bring together persons qualified for specific jobs and employers who have those jobs available.

40. Salmon spend most of their adult lives in salt water, despite they return to their freshwater birthplaces to spawn and die.



16. Porcelain is not a single clay, and a compound of kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, and silica.

17. The bison, know for the hump over its shoulders, is usually called a buffalo in North America.

18. Perspiration, the body’s built-in cooling mechanism occurs as a natural reaction to nervousness, intense heat, or vigorously exercise.

19. Because of the rising cost of fuel, scientists are building automobile engines who will conserve gasoline but still run smoothly.

20. The primary function of a sonometer is to calculate and demonstrate the relations mathematical of melodious tones.

21. The most useful way of looking at a map is not as a piece of papers, but as a record of geographically organized information.

22. The most useful way of looking at a map is not as a piece of papers, but as a record of geographically organized information.

23. Vitamin A is essential to bone grow and to the healthiness of the skin and mucous membranes.

24. The Moon, being much more nearer to the Earth than the Sun, is the principal cause of the tides.

25. One of the wildest and most inaccessible parts of the United States are the Everglades where wildlife is abundant and largely protected.

26. The dromedary camel is raised especially to racing.

27. The founding of the Boston Library in 1653 demonstrate the early North American colonists interest in books and libraries.

28. Public recognition of Ben Shahn as a major American artistic began with a retrospective show of his work in 1948.

29. The texture of soil is determined by the size of the grains or particles that make up.  

29. To produce one pound of honey, a colony of bees must fly a distance equals to twice around the world.

30. The domestic dog, considered to be the first tamed animal, is coexisting with human beings since the days of the cave dwellers.

31. Nature not only gave the Middle Atlantic region fine harbors, however endowed it with a first-class system of inland waterways.

32. All matter resists any change in their condition of rest or of motion.

33. Swans, noted for graceful movements in the water, have been the subject of many poetry, fairy tales, legends, and musical compositions.

34. Since peach trees bloom very early in the season, they are in danger for spring frosts.

35. Like some other running birds, the sanderling lacks a back toe and has a three-toed feet.

36. Lucretia Mott’s influence was too significant that she has been credited by some authorities as the originator of feminism in the United States.

37. Large bodies of water and the prevalence of moisture-bearing winds often produce a condition of tall humidity, affecting the local weather.

38. Manganese does not exist naturally in a pure state because it reacts so easily with other element.

39. Scientists estimate that as many as hundred millions visible meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day.

40. Although not abundant in nature, zinc is important for both the galvanization of iron and the preparation of alloys as such brass and German silver.


16. Some art historians have say that too many artists have tried only to imitate previous painting styles.

17. Inventor Granville Woods received him first patent on January 3, 1984, for a steam boiler furnace.

18. Throughout history, shoes have been worn not only for protection and also for decoration.

19. Worker bees labor for the good of the hive by collecting food, caring for the young, and to expand the nest.

20. Pathologists use their knowing of body tissues and body fluids to aid other physicians.

21. Objects falling freely n a vacuum have the same rate of speed is regardless of differences in size and weight.

22. The construction of sundials was considered to be an acceptable part of a student’s educator as late as the seventeenth century.

23. Historians have never reached some general agreement about the precise causes of the Civil War in the United States.

24. Of all the Native Americans in the United States, the Navajos from largest group.

25.A neutron star forms when a star much more massive than the Sun dies and exploded.

26.A thorough study of mythology requires familiarity for the properties of properties of plants and trees, and the habits of wild birds and beasts.

27.Quartz may be transparency, translucent, or opaque, and it may be colorless or colored.

28.In an adult human, the skin weighs about seven pounds and covers it about thirty-six square feet.

29.A leading Canadian feminist and author, Nellie McClung, struggled relentlessly in the early twentieth century to win politically and legal rights for Canadian women.

30.Metabolism consists of a complicated series of chemicals reactions carried out by living cells.

31.Duke Ellington was the first person to compose extended jazz works and gives regular jazz concerts.

32.Seismology has not reached yet the stage where earthquakes can be foretold with a great deal of accuracy.

33.The design of the University of Virginia came at the end of Thomas Jefferson’s long career as theoretician, statesman, and architecture.

34.At night the desert floor radiates heat back into the atmosphere and the temperature may be drop to near freezing.

35.Although they are in different countries, Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan are close neighbors and cooperate on numerous matters of mutually interest.

36.First incorporated in 1871, Dallas, Texas, had become the seventh largest cities in the United States by 1976.

37.Will Rogers was widely recognized for his daily newspaper column, in which he humorously criticized and commented in the politics of his time.

38.The free silver movement, promoting unlimited silver coinage, gained prominent, in the late 1800’s.

39.The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies that

divides the waters flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from it flowing into the Pacific.

40.The Petrified Forest of eastern Arizona are made up of tree trunks that were buried in mud,sand, or volcanic ash ages ago and have turned to stone.


16. The culinary expert Fannie Farmer taught dietetics, kitchen management, and to cook at her famous Boston school.

17. The elephant relies more on its sense of smell than for any other sense.

18. A few naturally elements exist in such small amounts that they are known mainly from laboratory-made samples.

19. Some insects hear ultrasonic sounds more than two octaves than higher humans can.

20. To stay warm in cold weather, cold-blooded animals must expose itself to a source of warmth such as direct sunlight.

21. A severe illness where she was just nineteen months old deprived Helen Keller of both her sight and hearing.

22. Like all ecological systems, a forest is made up of a living environment and a nonliving environment, the latter composed of air, rocks, soiled, and water.

23. The purposeful of the elementary school is to introduce children to the skills, information, and attitudes necessary for a smooth adjustment to society.

24. Notorious as a host for wheat rust, the barberry bush has been banned from many area.

25. Christopher Plummer is a Canadian actor who has starred in stage, television, and film productions on both sides the Atlantic Ocean.

26. A microphone enables a soft tone to be amplified, thus making it possible the gentle renditions of romantic love songs in a large hall.

27. Atrophy is a decrease in size of a cell, organ, tissues, or other part of the body such as a limb.

28. The poetry of e.e. cummings illustrates the way in which some poets bend grammatical rules as they strive to expression their insights.

29. In the wild, tea plants become trees of approximately thirty feet in high.  

30. Accounting is described as art of classifying, recording, and reporting significant financial events.

31. The development of the watch depended upon the invent of the mainspring.

32. The ordeal of the Cherokee Indians, who were forcible moved from their homeland in the 1830’s, is remembered as the “Trail of Tears.”

33. Physical fitness activities can lead to an alarming variety of injuries if participants push themselves greatly hard.

34. The structure or behavior of many protozoans are amazingly complex for single-celled animals.

35. Alaska’s rough climate and terrain divide the state into isolated regions and the difficult of highway maintenance is a troublesome problem.

36. For hundreds of years, sailors relied on echoes to warn them of another ships, icebergs, or cliffs in foggy weather.

37. Although he is employed in the scientific and technical fields, the metric system is not generally utilized in the United States.

38. Prototypical oboes did a loud, harsh tone, but the modern oboe is appreciated for its smooth and beautiful tone.

39. Beneath the deep oceans that cover two-thirds of the Earth, tantalizing secret of the planet are concealed.

40. The pioneer John Chapman received the nickname “Johnny Appleseed” because he planted apple seedlings during him travels in what are now Ohio, Indiana, and Elinois.


16. On Ellesmere Island in the Arctic one fossil forest consists of a nearly hundred large stumps scattered on an exposed coal bed.

17. The surface conditions on the planet Mars are the more like the Earth’s than are those of any other planet in the solar system.

18. The midnight sun is a phenomenon in which the Sun visible remains in the sky for twenty-four hours or longer.

19 The Humber River and its valley form a major salmon-fishing, lumbering, hunting, and farmer region in western Newfoundland, Canada.

20 Among the parameters that determine whether an environment is suitably for life as we know it are temperature, water availability, and oxygen content.

21. When eggs of some species of insects hatch, the newly born insects look almost like its adult counterparts.

22. Although there are more than 2,000 different variety of candy, many of them are made from a basic boiled mixture of sugar, water, and corn syrup.

23. The capital of the United States, originally New York City, was moved to Philadelphia where stayed until 1800.

24 Migration of animals may be initiated by physiological stimuli such as reproductive changes, external pressures such as weather changes, or a combination of either types of changes.

25. Lawrence Robert Klein received the 1980 Nobel Prize in economics for pioneering the useful of computers to forecast economic activity.

26. The strength, size, and surefootedness of the Hama make it as excellentcy beast of burden in mountainous regions today as it was in the past.

27. Nuclear energy, despite its early promise as a source of electrical power, is still insignificant in compared with older and safer energy sources.

28. Hawaii’s eight major islands and numerous islets form the only state in the United States that is not lie on the mainland of North America.

29. Established about 1300, the Acoma pucblo in New Mexico is believed to be oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States.

30. Nocturnal creatures, raccoons forage primarily at night and spend their days rest in their dens.

31. Marian Anderson, in addition to gaining fame as a concert soloist, also served as a United States delegates to the United Nations.

32. Good dental hygiene and a proper diet are necessary for the maintain of sound teeth.

33. Rice adapt better than other grain crops to areas with unfavorable saline, alkaline, or acid sulfate soils.

34. Jeanette Rankin, pacifist and lifetime crusader for social and electoral reform, was the first woman to be a membership of the United States Congress.

35. In the United States, Maryland ranks second only to Virginia as a oyster- producing state.

36. The social games of children help to prepare themselves for their adult roles.

37. Algae have been an extremely important link in the food chain after the beginning of life on Earth as we know it.

38. The chorus plays a large part in any oratorio, linking areas were sung by soloists with segments of choral music.

39. Butte, Montana, had built above large deposits of silver, gold, and copper and became known as “the richest hill on Earth.”

40. Realistic novels, in trying to present life as it actually is, have written many works that are notable for their artistry of style.


16. Before pioneers cleared the land for farms, cities, and road, forests covered about 40 percent of what is now the state of Illinois.

17. The sea chantey, a type of folk music, not only described the pleasures of stations’ lives ashore, also but the harsh conditions of life aboard ship.

18. Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota has a heads of four presidents of the United States carved into its face.

19. Nest building is much less commonly among mammals than among birds.

20. The Awakening, a novel by Kate Chopin, shocked readers and cause a storm of criticism.

21. The Alaskan Highway was officially opened November 20, 1942, although much more work needed be done to complete it.

22. Sagebrush flourishes in the dry soil of the western plains, where other many plants cannot grow.

23. Modern directions of Shakespeare are not longer inhibited by earlier traditions of realistic settings.

24. Surveys show that the majority of passengers are pleasing that an agreement has been reached to forbid smoking on commercial flights within the continental United States.

25. Snakes are capable of graceful motion throughout the entire long of their rubbery bodies.

26. Tariffs preventing the most efficient use of the world’s resources by restricting division of labor to national boundaries.

27. The Aleuts in western Alaska have always depended of the sea for food.

28. Atoms that having different atomic numbers generally behave differently.

29. Over the past few year, many towns in the United States have been joining with neighboring communities to share the costs of government.

30. What makes for human skeleton hard and strong is the presence of the metallic element calcium.

31. Many of Robert Bly’s poems explore solitude, natural vigor, and silent in an immediate and modern idiom.

32. To convert an angle measured in radians for an equivalent angle measured in degrees, multiply the number of radians by 57.296.

33. Serving as chief of the United States Children’s Bureau from 1921 to 1934., Grace Abbott fought for the rights of women and children through the world.

34. To people from temperate climates, tropical butterflies may seem incredible big.

35. The first railroad in the United States were short wooden tramways connecting mines also quarries with nearby streams.

36. The league of Women Voters of the United States identifies certain local, state, and nation issues for study and action.

37. Fibers can come from plants, animals, or mineral ores, or they may be made from a variety chemical substances.

38. Edwin Franko Goldman was the first bandmaster to encourage leading contemporary compositions to write original works for a band.

39. The tapir, an odd-toed, hoofed mammal, feed on plants, eating such things as grass, leaves, fallen fruit, and moss in large quantities.

40. For thousands of years, people have used some kind of refrigeration cooling beverages and preserve edibles.



16. Because of it consists only of a relatively short strand of DNA protected by a shell of protein, a virus cannot eat or reproduce by itself.

17. The oxygen in the air we breathe has no tasted, smell, or color.

18. In 1977 Kathleen Battle was hired by the New York Metropolitan Opera, Where her became the star soprano.

19. The aardvark is a mammal that burrows into the ground to catches ants and termites.

20. Because of the availability of trucks and easy access to modern highways, the locate of farms has become relatively unimportant with respect to their distance from markets.

21. The homes created by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright are still viewed as uniquely, innovative, and valuable.

22. Geologists find it useful to identification fossils in a rock sample because certain assemblages of species are characteristic of specific geologic time periods.

23. Many poets enhance their work by creating a contrast among realism and symbolism in a given poem.

24. Most countries depend to few extent on cereal imports to augment their own crops.

25. The fragrant leaves of the laurel plant to sell commercially as bay leaves and are used for seasoning foods.

26. When contented, and occasionally when hunger, cats frequently make a purring sound.

27. The evolution of fishes is a history of constant adaptation to new possibilities, and a refined of these adaptations.

28. In 1991 Antonia Novello, the United States Surgeon General launched several programs to address particular problem that young people have.

29. Some psychologists believe that those who are encouraged to be independent, responsible,and competent in childhood are likely more than others to become motivated to achieve.

30. The central purpose of management is for making every action or decision help achieve a carefully chosen goal.

31. As a poetry Nikki Giovanni makes effective use of jazz and blues rhythms.

32. Unlike wood, paper, and fabric, which tendency to disintegrate after being buried for many years, ceramics and glassware although easily broken, survive well in the ground.

33. Margaret Mead achieved world famous through her studies of child - rearing, personality, and culture.

34. The discovery of the antibiotic penicillin in 1928 has not produced antibiotics useful for the treatment of infectious diseases until 1940.

35. In the United State, the Cabinet consist of a group of advisers, each of whom is chosen by the President to head an executive department of the government.

36. Colleges in the newly formed United States, in recovering from the adverse effects of the American Revolution, inaugurated a broad curriculum in response of social demands.

37. Humus is formed during soil microorganisms decompose animal and plant material into elements usable by plants.

38. Ozone is an unstable faintly bluish gas that is the most chemical active form of oxygen.

39. The development of professional sports in the United States dates back to nineteenth century.

40. Long before his death, John Dewey saw his philosophy have a profound influences on education and thought in the United States and elsewhere.


16.Gone With the Wind, the epic novel about life in South during the Civil War period, took ten years write.

17. None two butterflies have exactly the same design on their wings.

18. To save the California condor from extinction, a group of federal, local, and privately organizations initiated a rescue program.

19. A coral reef, a intricate aquatic community of plants and animals, is found only in warm, shallow, sunlit seas.

20. Carnegie hall was the first building in New York designed special for orchestral music.

21. Since it lives in the desert, the collared lizard depends from insects for water as well as for food.

22. The Texas Panhandle region, in the northwestern part of the state, produces more wheat, cotton, and grain sorghum than any of other area of Texas.

23. Light rays what enter the eye must be focused onto a point on the retina in order for a clear visual image to form.

24. The orangutan’s hands and feet are designed for holding and grasping branches, and its powerful immensely arms enable it to climb and swing in trees without difficulty.

25. The extraordinary beautiful of orchids makes them the basis of a multimillion dollar floral industry.

26. The Vermont Elememary Science Project, according to its founders, are designed to challenge some of the most widely held beliefs about teaching.

27. The number 8.5 is an example of a “mixed number” because it is composing of an integer and a fraction.

28. If it is kept dry, a seed can still sprout up to forty years after their formation.

29. In The Sociology of Science, now considered a classic, Robert Merton discusses cultural, economy and social forces that contributed to the development of modern science.

30.Bacteria lived in the soil play a vital role in recycling the carbon and nitrogen needed by plants.

31.Some snakes have hollow teeth are called fangs that they use to poison their victims.

32.Stars derive their energy from thermonuclear reactions that take place in their heat interiors.

33.Carrie Chapman Call organized the League of Women Votes after successfully campaign for the constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote.

34.Any group that conducting its meeting using parliamentary rules will encounter situations where prescribed procedures cannot be applied.

35.The strongly patriotic character of Charles Sangster’s poetry is credited about greatly furthering the cause of confederation in Canada.

36.Jessamyn West’s first and most famous novel, The friendly Persuasion describes the life of a Quaker farmed family in the mid-1800’s.

37. One inventor that Thomas Edison can take credit for is the light bulb.

38.Electric motors range in size from the tiny mechanisms that operate sewing machine to the great engines in heavy locomotives.

39.The nitrogen makes up over 78 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, the gaseous mass surrounding the planet.

40.The Mississippi, the longest river in the United States, begins as small clear stream in northwestern Minnesota.

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16.Many exercises such as calisthenics, running, or to swim involve producing muscle tension through a range of movements that are called isotonics.

17.Intelligence, education, and experience all helps shape management style.

18. The basic elements of public-opinion research are interviewers, questionnaires, tabulating equipment, and to sample population.

19. Conservation organizations help for to preserve the ecology of an area by keeping track of endangered species.

20. Gwendolyn Brooks, which won a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1950, had 75 poems published by the time she was twenty.

21. O Halifax is largest city and chief port of Nova Scotia and is the eastern terminus of Canada’s two great railway systems.

22.T. S. Eliot received wide recognition after publishes The Waste Land, which fused poetic traditions with elements of modern music and language.

23. Numerous types of cells, such as skin cells and white blood cells, have the power reproduce asexually.

24. The knee is more likely to be damage than most other joints because it is subject to tremendous forces during vigorous activity.

25.Although ferns lack flowers, they do have leaves, stems, and root.

26. Crazy Horse is generally recognized for his courageous and skill, and he was revered by the Sioux as their greatest leader.

27. In medicine, certain plastics have important uses because they do not affected by chemicals in the body, and they do not harm the body.

28. Since a hospital is organized to protect and treat people who are ill, its goals, structures, and functions depend on the currently state of medical science.

29. A change in direction of the monsoon winds result from the differences between the heating or cooling of landmasses and that of oceans.

30. Small distinctions among stamps, unimportant to the person average, would mean a great deal to the stamp collector.

31. Members of a nation’s foreign service represent that country’s interests abroad and report on the conditions, trends, and policies of the country which they are stationed.

32. Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home resembled those of many others mid-western pioneers, with its dirt floor, sleeping loft, and crude fireplace.

33. Dwelling primarily in the ice northern polar seas, beluga whales are characteristically small, white, agile, and elusive.

34.There is evidence that the caribou originated into North America and crossed over al land bridge into Asia and evolved into the Old World’s reindeer.

35.The bold way in which Margaret Mead defined the terms “family” - based as much on choice as on biological relationship - is possibly the most enduring of her legacies.

36. The planet Mars is a freezing, barren deserts with huge, dry canyons and towering volcanoes.

37. Of the many machines invented in the late nineteenth century, none had a great impact on the United States economy than the automobile.

38. A number of the Pacific Islands are volcanoes that have pushed up from the ocean floor, others are the tops sunken mountain ranges.

39. It has been reported that during any twenty-four hour period, a minimal of three hundred North American women start their own businesses.

40. Archeological studies have provided evidence that the use of plants for decoration as well as for food developed early in the history.

1997-01-          36

16. Those interested in covered bridges can find six of they between Keene and Winchester, New Hampshire.

17. The Sun’s energy is generated deep in the solar core by the synthesis of helium from hydrogen through a sequences of thermonuclear fusion reactions.

18. Using carbon-dating techniques, archaeologists can determine the age of many ancient objects by measurement the amount of radioactive carbon they contain.

19. The evolutionary adaptation of a particular species of animal over time occurs in response to environmental conditions, including others animals.

20. Saturn is the second largest planet after Jupiter, with a diameter nearly ten times those of Earth.

21. Ogden Nash often extended sentences over several lines produce surprising and comical rhymes.

22. By the second month of life, most infant can turn their heads and move their eyes to follow the movements of people and large objects around them.

23. Early movies had appeal immediate and became a means to present contemporary attitudes, fashions, and events.

24. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., clergyman and civil rights leader, won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize for his work toward racially equality in the United States.

25. Leontyne Price ranks among the most celebration sopranos of her time.

26. Carrie Chapman Call was instrumental in passing the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution gives women the right to vote.

27. Discovery in 1789 and isolated from other element in 1841, uranium is valued as a source of atomic energy.

28. Ulysses S. Kay was among the United States composers visited the Soviet Union in 1958 to participate in a cultural exchange program.

29. Alaska is fame for tall mountains and beautiful scenery.

30. True ferns have undergone remarkably little change during its long geological history, which extends back to the Devonian period.

31. Diplomatic negotiations generally take place in embassies or in the foreign offices of the countries which in ambassadors are accredited.

32. The novelist Shirley Hazzard is noted for the insight, poetic style, and sensitive she demonstrates in her works.

33. Compare with the jagged estuaries of the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast seems almost uniformly straight.

34. Because of its low cholesterol content, margarine is a widely used substitute from butter.

35. After the Boston Tea Party in 1773, coffeehouses in the North American colonies became centers for gossip, gamble, and political criticism.

36. Studies by B.F. Skinner indicate that reward positively reinforces behavior and makes that behavior likely more to recur.

37. Mathematical puzzles are common into history because they have been used a intelligence tests and amusements.

38. Most authorities consider both dreaming while sleep and daydreaming to be forms of fantasy.

39. Genetic engineering is helping researchers unravel the mysteries of previously incurable diseases so that they can get to its root causes and find cures.

40. The Montessori method of education stresses initiative and self-reliance to permitting pupils to pursue independently whatever interests them, but within disciplined limits.

1997-05-          44

16. A food additive is any chemical that food manufactures intentional add to their products.

17. Margaret Mead studied many different cultures, and she was one of the first anthropologists to photograph hers subjects.

18. Talc, a soft mineral with a variety of uses, sold is in slabs or in powdered from.

19. During the 1870’s iron workers in Alabama proved they could produce iron by burning iron ore with coke, instead than with charcoal.

20. Geologists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory rely on a number of instruments to studying the volcanoes in Hawaii.

21. Underlying aerodynamics and all other branches of theoretical mechanics are the laws of motion who were developed in the seventeenth century.

22. Was opened in 1918, the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., was the first museum in the United States devoted to modern art.

23. A mortgage enables a person to buy property without paying for it outright; thus more people are able to enjoy to own a house.

24. Alike ethnographers, ethnohistorians make systematic observations, but they also gather data from documentary and oral sources.

25. Basal body temperature refers to the most lowest temperature of a healthy individual during waking hours.

26. Research in the United States on acupuncture has focused on it use in pain relief and anesthesia.

27. The Moon’s gravitational field cannot keep atmospheric gases from escape into space.

28. Although the pecan tree is chiefly value for its fruit, its wood is used extensively for flooring, furniture, boxed, and crates.

29. Born in Texas in 1890, Katherine Anne Porter produced three collection of short stories before publishing her well-known novel Ship of Fools in 1962.

30. Insulation from cold, protect against dust and sand, and camouflage are among the functions of hair for animals.

31.The notion that students are not sufficiently involved in their education is one reason for the recently surge of support for undergraduate research.

32.As secretary of transportation from 1975 to 1977, William Coleman worked to help the bankrupt railroads in the northeastern United States solved their financial problems.

33. Faults in the Earth’s crust are most evidently in sedimentary formations, where they interrupt previously continuous layers.

34. Many flowering plants benefit of pollination by adult butterflies and moths.

35. A number of the American Indian languages spoken at the time of the European arrival in the New World in the late fifteen century have become extinct.

36. George Gershwin was an American composer whose concert works joined the sounds of jazz with them of traditional orchestration.

37. One of the problems of United States agriculture that has persisted during the 1920’s until the present day is the tendency of farm income to lag behind the costs of production.

38. Volcanism occurs on Earth in several geological setting, most of which are associated with the boundaries of the enormous, rigid plates that make up the lithosphere.

39. Early European settlers in North America used medicines they made from plants native to treat colds, pneumonia, and ague, an illness similar to malaria.

40. Some insects bear a remarkable resemblance to dead twigs, being long, slenderness, wingless, and brownish in color.


1997-08-          48

16 According to most psychological studies, body language expresses a speaker’s emotions and attitudes, and it also tends to affect the emotions and attitudes of the listen.

17. The dachshund is a hardy, alert dog with a well sense of smell.

18. Quasars, faint celestial objects resembling stars, are perhaps the most distant objects know.

19. The importance of environmental stimuli in the development of coordination between sensory input and motor response varies to species to species.

20. A smile can be observed, described, and reliably identify, it can also be elicited and manipulated under experimental conditions.

21. A musical genius, John Cage is noted for his highly unconventional ideas, and he respected for his unusual compositions and performances.

22. Chocolate is prepared by a complexity process of cleaning, blending and roasting cocoa beans, which must be ground and mixed with sugar.

23. Several million points on the human body registers either cold, heat, pain, or touch.

24. In the 1800’s store owners sold everything from a needle to a plow, trust everyone, and never took inventory.

25. Although they reflect a strong social conscience, Arthur Miller’s stage works are typical more concerned with individuals than with systems.

26. While highly prized for symbolizing good luck, the four-leaf clover is rarity found in nature.

27 An involuntary reflex, an yawn is almost impossible to stop once the mouth muscles begin the stretching action.

28. Elected to serve in the United States House of representatives in 1968, Shirley Chisholm was known for advocacy the interests of the urban poor.

29. A mirage is an atmospheric optical illusion in what an observer sees a nonexistent body of water or an image of some object.

30. Turquoise, which found in microscopic crystals, is opaque with a waxy luster, varying in color from greenish gray to sky blue.

31. Homo erectus is the name commonly given into the primate species from which humans are believed to have evolved.

32. Today, modern textile mills can manufacture as much fabrics in a few seconds as it once took workers weeks to produce by hand.

33. The Hopi, the westernmost tribe of Pueblo Indians, have traditionally live large. multilevel structures clustered in towns.

34. Exploration of the Solar System is continuing and at the present rate of progress all the planets will have been contacted with in the near 50 years.

35. Since their appearance on farms in the United States between 1913 and 1920, trucks have changed patterns of production and market of farm products.

36. Antique collection became a significant pastime in the 1800’s when old object began to be appreciated for their beauty as well as for their historical importance.

37. American painter Georgia O’Keeffe is well known as her large paintings of flowers in which single blossoms are presented as if in close-up.

38. Despite television is the dominant entertainment medium for United States households, Garrison Keillor’s Saturday night radio show of folk songs and stories is heard by millions of people.

39. The work which the poet Emma Lazarus is best known is “The New Colossus”,which is inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

40. In the New England colonies, Chippendale designs were adapted to locally tastes, and beautiful furniture resulted.

1997-10-          52

16. Eleanor Roosevelt set the standard against which the wives of all United States Presidents since have evaluated.

17. The Armory Show, held in New York in 1913, was a important exhibition of modern European art.

18. Ripe fruit is often stored in a place who contains much carbon dioxide so that the fruit will not decay too rapidly.

19. In 1852, Massachusetts passed a law requiring all children from four to eighteen years of old to attend school.

20. The main purpose of classifying animals is to show the most probable evolutionary relationship of the different species to each another.

21. Matthew C. Perry, a United States naval commander, gained fame not in war and through diplomacy.

22. One of the most impressive collections of nineteenth-century European paintings in the United States can be found to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

23. Three of every four migrating water birds in North America visits the Gulf of Mexico’s winter wetlands.

24. Charleston, West Virginia, was named for Charles Clendenin, who son George acquired land at the junction of the Elk and Kanawha rivers in 1787.

25. Financier Andrew Mellon donated most of his magnificent art collection to the National Gallery of Art, where it is now locating.

26. Soil temperatures in Death Valley, California, near the Nevada border, have been known to reach 90 of degrees Celsius.

27. When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are alignment and the Moon crosses the Earth’s orbital plane, a solar eclipse occurs.

28. Mary Cassatt’s paintings of mothers and children are known for its fine linear rhythm, simple modelings, and harmonies of clear color.

29. Plants synthesize carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide with the aid of energy is derived from sunlight.

30. The best American popular music balances a powerful emotions of youth with tenderness, grace, and wit.

31. In the nineteenth century, women used quilts to inscribe their responses to social, economic, and politics issues.

32. Fossils in 500-million-year-old rocks demonstrate that life forms in the Cambrian period were mostly marine animals capability of secreting calcium to form shells.

33. Rainbows in the shape of complete circles are sometimes seen from airplanes because they are not cutting off by the horizon.

34. Hot at the equator causes the air to expand, rise, and flow toward the poles.

35. Although research has been ongoing since 1930, the existence of ESP- perception and communication without the use of sight, hear, taste, touch, or smell - is still disputed.

36. As many as 50 percent of the income from motion pictures produced in the United States comes from marketing the films abroad.

37. Sleep is controlled by the brain and associated by characteristic breathing rhythms.

38. The walls around the city of Quebec, which was originally a fort military, still stand, making Quebec the only walled city in North America.

39. The manufacture of automobile was extremely expensive until assembly-line techniques made them cheaper to produce.

40. The ballad is characterized by informal diction, by a narrative largely dependent on action and dialogue, by thematic intense, and by stress on repetition.


1997-12-          56

16. Gold or silver bullions serve into commerce as mediums of exchange all over the world.

17. Today’s farmers have increased milk production greatly through improved methods of breeding, feeding, and manage dairy cattle.

18. Hypoglycemia is a condition in which a rapidly drop in blood sugar most often results from an oversecretion of insulin from pancreas.

19. Newborn infants show a distinct preference for human voices over other sounds and also prefer her own mothers’ voices to the voices of strangers.

20. The chippewa and Santee Sioux of the Upper Mississippi River regional have used catlinite to produce carvings for almost 150 years.

21. Absolutely nothing that floats, neither a corked bottle nor a 50,000-ton ships, can escape the effects of water currents.

22. The Wright Brothers were owner of a bicycle shop, and they used a number of bicycle parts to make the original motorized airplane.

23. Gemstones are usually bright, color, opaque or transparent minerals found in the rocks of the Earth .

24. The modern detective story, in which a detective solves a crime by discovering and interpretation evidence, is considered to have originated with Edgar Allan Poe’s “ The Murders in the Rue Morgue” in 1841.

25. The superintendent of women nurse for the Union Army during the Civil War was Dorothea Dix .

26. Slow growth in the early 1900’s, linked with rising unemployment, less spend, and meager business investments, led many experts to declare a recession.

27. Orchestrating musical works requires a understanding of the range and characteristics of each instrument.

28. The Canadian province of British columbia is rich of minerals and, because over 50 percent of the land is covered with forests, lumbering is its major industry.

29. Each major styles of architecture emerged because new problems in building or challenges in design appeared for architects to resolve.

30. Much of the significant research related for the theory of numbers concerns the distribution of prime numbers.

31. Lauren Bacall made her film debut in To Have and Have Not, starting together Humphrey Bogart, who later became her husband.

32. The black leopard is very dark that its spots are difficult to see.

33. On steep hillsides, tree roots bind to soil that might otherwise be washed away if heavy rains.

34. Carson Mecullers was only 23 when she published her first novel, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, for what she received much acclaim.

35. Through the process of imprintingthe young of a species rapidly learn to recognize A

and follow other members of own species.

36. The invention of fresh metaphors today continues to make it possible the vivid expression of emotions.

37. Proteins are made up of long, folded irregularly chains, the links of which are amino acids.

38. Although most species of small birds gather in groups at feeders provided by bird-watchers, the bright red cardinals usually appears alone or with its mate.

39. The astronomy is the oldest science, but it continues to be at the forefront of scientific thought.

40. Henry David Thoreau was an American writer who is remembered for his faith in the religious significance of the nature.


1998-01-          60

16. The hind leg of the gerbil are particularly well adapted to leaping across its desert habitat.

17. Educator Helen Magill White was the first American woman to have earn the Ph.D. degree.

18. The changes that occur in the life cycle of a butterfly or moth are probable the most striking examples of metamorphosis.

19. In the nineteenth century, North American locomotives ran on hardwood fuel, which was inexpensive and plentiful in the time.

20. Much theories have been developed concerning how people learn about cultures from the myths and legends passed down from one generation to another.

21. Several comet are discovered each year, but very few of them are bright enough to be seen without the aid of magnification.

22. Charles Monroe Schulz’s comic strip “Peanuts” is translated into 26 languages also has appeared in over 2,300 daily newspapers.

23. In human beings the liver is the biggest glandular organ of his digestive system.

24. Many scientists contributed to the development of television, whether no one person can be said to have invented it.

25. Northern Canada contains vast areas treeless of low vegetation known as tundra.

26. Gordon Parks composed wrote, and directed Martin, the classical ballet who Examines the meaning of the life of Martin Luther King. Jr.答案:C

27. In 1965 Rodolfo Gonzales has estab1ished an organization called the Crusade For Justice in Denver, Colorado.

28. Large, heavy draft horses were commonly used for labor farm in the United States before the introduction of tractors.

29.Herads of migrating caribou, members of the deer family are an important economically resource to Inuits and other Native Americans.

30. Some nineteenth-century advocates for the emancipation of women in the United States were also activity in the Underground Railroad, helping to slaves escape.

31. Feathers not only protect birds from injury and conserve body heat but also function in flight. courtship, camouflage, and sensory perceptive.

32. The radio telescope, invented in 1932, has capabilities beyond far those of optical telescopes in tracking signals from galaxies.

33. Rafting was an essential mean of transportation from prehistoric times to the nineteenth century.

34. Many fortification rank among the most functional and beautiful works of architecture constructed in North America before the twentieth century.

35. Because her work was popular with European royally, Harriet Goodhue Hosmer became financial successful as a sculptor in the mid-eighteen hundreds.

36. The actor James Earl Jones gained Broadway stardom in “The Great White Hope” for his powerful portrayal of prizefighter.

37. Despite fats and oils arc nutritionally important as energy sources, medical research indicates that saturated fats may contribute to hardening of the arteries.

38. Large multicolored insects with four wings, dragonflies play a very important role in the ecosystem of humid area by controlling the population of mosquitoes.

39. During early nineteenth-century Boston. the architect Charles Bulfinch, eager to make the city beautiful, sometimes provided free plans for people building

40. In 1889 Jane Addams, a social worker in Chicago, founded hull house, an institution devoted to the improvement of community life in poor neighborhood.

1998-05-          64

16. Although Christopher Columbus failed in his original goal, the discoveries he did make were as Important than the route to Asia he expected to find.

17. Martha Graham, a leading figure in modern dance, made she debut in 1920 with the Denishawn School.

18. In the United States, the federal government is responsible to regulating the working conditions in factories.

19. Jupiter is a gaseous planet with. an atmosphere composed most of hydrogen and helium.

20. Throughout her career Georgia O’Keeffe paid meticulous attention to her craft; her brushes were always clean, her colors fresh and brightness.

21. Hydrogen the nine most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas.

22. Salamanders are frequently to be find in moist, wooded areas.

23. Steam engines have been replaced in most cases by more economical and efficiency devices, such as the electric motor.

24. Traditionally, the Fourth of July is celebrated in the United States with political speeches, picnics, and most important of all, a displayed of fireworks at night.

25.The style of used in cartoon animation range from relatively realistic representations of everyday life to the most romantic and impossible fantasy.

26. Ordinary beaver dams vary in length from a few feet to a hundred feet or more than.

27. In the United State, presidential elections are held once every four year.

28.Except of the freehand toe, the feet of the gull are fully webbed.

29. Teaching machines are devices that can store instructionally information, present displays, receive responses from a learner, and act on those responses.

30. Challotte Perkins Gilman Is known primarily as an author of short stories, but she also wrote an influential book argued for equal economic opportunities

for women.

31.In some areas of the United States, unfavorable climate or soil make farming an impossible task.

32. Naturalists have identified at least four hundred of species of mammals and six hundred types of birds in the state of California.

33. Instead of tooth, the blue whale has a row of bony plates in its mouth that functions as a food-collecting device.

34. Murres are black-and-white driving birds that mate every five or six years and lay only a single egg at time.

35. A bar code consists a pattern of lines and bars that a computer can translate into information.

36. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly to backwards.

37. Fluorine, a greenish-yellow gas that is slightly heavy than air is poisonous and corrosive and has a penetrating and disagreeable odor.

38. The Everglades, a large swamp area is an unique wilderness extending over much of southern Florida.

39. Each year millions of tons of fertile topsoil that could produce good crops washed away by rains.

40. Since the 1950’s, folk’ music has had a significant influence on many popular vocal and instrumental music.


1998-08-          68

16According to modern astronomers, the space between the planets and stars is not empty; rather he is filled with something called dark matter.

17.In the late nineteenth century, journalist and publisher William Randolph Hearst established a vast publishing empire that included Eighteen newspapers in twelve city.

18. Because the diamond is the hardest naturally substance, it is used in industry for to cut, grinding, and boring other hard materials.

19Electromagnet will remain magnetized only as longer as electricity flows through it

20. Being chemical compounds, minerals have characteristic shapes and colors, whereas do rocks not.

21. Some of the first aerial photographs were taken from a balloon while the Civil War in the United States.

22Beyond their importance as a source of food for both people and animals, corn is also used to produce alcohol-based fuels.

23. The Bollingen Prize in poetry established of the Bollingen Foundation, is a $1,000 award for the year’s highest achievement in poetry in the United States.

24. For more eighty years, scientists have argued over whether life exists on the planet Mars.

25. Ludmilla Turkevich, known as a translator and scholar in the field of Russian literature, she became a member of the faculty of Princeton University during the Second World War.

26. The Architectural History Foundation was established in 1977 to support the publication of important book on architecture.

27. Wildlife photographers are involved of a new government project to docum the 50 most endangered species in the United States.

28.Most bats roost in crevices, caves, or building by day and are active at night or twilight.

29hanges within the chemist structure of single genes may be induced by exposure to radiation and extreme temperatures.

30. A landmark famous, the Brooklyn Bridge in New Yolk was one of the first woven wire cable suspension bridges ever constructed.

31 Industry’s need for more and minerals is a constant challenge to the mining industry to make new discoveries.

32. The waters of Hanauma Bay in Oahu, Hawaii, are known for the color, diversity and abundant of their tropical fish.

33. The United States government program Head Start prepares children for school encourages the involvement of local communities in the children’s Development.

34Brown rice has great nutritional value than white rice because the nutrient-rice outer layers of the rice kernel are not removed from brown rice.

35After 1845, pestilence spread in Boston, but before then, Boston was a city in which the life span of its citizens was long and disease was rarely.

36.Entomologists, scientists who study insects, are often concerned with the fungus, poisonous, or virus carried by a particular insect.

37.The eight stripes of red, white, and blue on state flag of Hawaii represent Hawaii’s eight major islands.

38. Cool temperatures, shade, moist, and the presence of dead organic material provide the ideal living conditions for mushrooms.

39. Metalworkers use the term “machine tool” to refer to a piece of an equipment used for shaping metal.

40. In pools, goldfish are not just ornamental: since they feed on mosquito larva they are also benefit.


1998-10-          79

16.It was in the 1920’s that the arched-top guitar was first developed commercially in the United States and use in dance bands.

17.The intensity of political struggles in the United States after 1824 led to A the revival of the two-party system, which had been inactive when 1817.

18.Fluids exert equal pressure in all directions, have identical properties throughout their volume, and theoretically offering no resistance to flow in any


19.Reading has come to be regarded as an integrated part of language study than rather an isolated skill to be practiced out of context.

20. It has been estimated that during every second of our life,10,000,000 red blood cells died and are replaced by new ones.

21.Periodic fires commonly spread across grasslands and plays an important role in the maintenance and character of these ecosystems.

22.The plots of William Gaddis’s novels allow ample opportunity for philosophical, theological,and society digression.

23.In additionally to being Mississippi’s capital and largest city, Jackson is also the state’s financial and medical center.

24.Feasts and festivals among many Native American tribes in the United States celebration agricultural and lunar events.

25.Neuropsychologist Marilyn Albert is looking beyond brain functions for answers the questionHow do emotions and attitudes affect the

26.Incorporated in 1828,Louisbille,Kentucky,was named from King Louis XVI of France in recognition of his help during the Revolutionary War.

27.Rainbows are formed by the refraction of sunlight through falling raindrop.

28.Alaska,the larges state of the United states in area, is more than twice the size than Texas.

29.Meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude form grid that can be used to locate the position of any point on the Earth’s surface.

30.Mercury and Venus are the only planets in the solar system where do not have moons.

31.Carbohydrates,which include cellulose, sugary, and starches, are the most abundant class of organic substances found in nature.

32.During the pre-Revolutionary period, the press in Britain’s North American colonies was subject to licensing laws similar to them of Great Britain itself.

33.In its pure state aluminum is a weak metal, but when combined with e elements such as copper or magnesium, it is formed alloys of great strength.

34.Specially bred varieties of lettuce can be grown in water containing dissolve nutritious rather than in soil.

35.Throughout the 1930’s,United States government patronage the arts was concentrated in the section of the Works Progress Administration

known as Federal One.

36. Essential a nineteenth-century instrument, the calliope was usually played outdoors and was a part of fairs, holiday gatherings, and other such activities.

37.Winter broccoli has large, white heads similar to those of cauliflower, whereas sprouting broccoli produces numerous small

purplish, green, or white clump.

38.Greenpeace, an international organization of environmental activists founded by Canadians, uses nonviolent means to protest and block

activities it considers environmentally harm.

39.Beverly Sills was a child radio star who became one of the world’s most dramatically gifted opera singer, making her debut at seventeen.

40. In the practice of Gestalt therapy, many attention is given to nonverbal aspects of behavior.


1999-01-          83

16. Citrus fruits thrive in quite very tropical climates.

17.Carson McCullers was fame for her novels about life in the small owns of the southern United States.

18. Because the atmosphere of Mars is so thin wind velocities of several hundred A C

kilometers per hour are required to raised dust particles during dust storms.

19. Lumberingthe remove of timber from the forest, is a major industry in the Northwest

region of North America.

20. The asphalt deposits of La Brea Tar Pit in California have yielded fossils of numerous animal of the Pleistocene epoch, including the giant ground sloth.

21. Located in the center of the continental United States and known for its endless wheat fields, Kansas is one of the nation’s leading agriculturally states.

22. An intrinsic part of the sound structure of poet, the repetition of a consonant sound or sounds, may also be exhibited in prose.

23. People feel uncomfortable when the humidity rises over 60 percent because perspiration cannot evaporate quickly enough for the body to rid themselves of excess heat.

24. While infancy, the period from birth until the age of twoa child grows to A

Approximately half of his or her adult height.

25. The Pulitzer Prizes are annual awards for excellence in United States journalism, literature, and musical.

26. Judgments made in a criminal cases can usually be appealed to a higher countwhich A

can either overturn or uphold a lower court ruling.

27. Science fiction is any fiction dealing with the future or with so imaginative subjects as interstellar travel, life on other planets, or time travel.

used when giving an example of something

formal used in comparisons to say that something or someone has less of a particular quality than another person or thing

28. The wingspread of various species of bats range from over five feet to less than two inches.

29. The harmonica’s tones are made by the vibrations of the feeds created by the blowing and suction to the player.

30. The constitution of 1897, under which Delaware is now governed, is fourth constitution in the history of the state.

31. Because most photographic filters work by subtract portions of visible light from the subject, they decrease the intensity of light that reaches the film.

32. In a vacuum discharge tube at ordinary voltages and currents, neon glows reddish- orange and is the mostly intense of all the rare gases.

33. Although E.E. Cummings studied art in Paris, but his writings attracted much more interest than his paintings.

34. Because material organic decays slowly in peat, the remains of prehistoric animals are often found in the depths of peat hogs.

35. Usually an atom having one, two, or three electrons in its valence band readily contributes electrons to and receive electrons from neighboring atoms.

36. A symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty represents a woman has just escaped from the chains of slavery, which lie at her feet.

37. The southwestern portion of the United States is a land of little rain, and parts of it are too dry that they are called deserts.

38. Seneca chief Corn-planter helped arrange treaties between many United States settler and Native American tribes in western Pennsylvania after the American Revolutionary War.

39. Mercury is so much close to the Sun that it is usually invisible in the glare of the Sun’s rays.

40. Pollen can be transferred by the wind or by birds that comes into contact with flowers.


1999-05-          87

16. A major railroad junction in Illinois, Decatur has became an important commercial hub for the region’s farm products and livestock.

17. People use muscles to make various movements, such as walk, jumping, or throwing.

18. Emily Dickinson unmistakenly fixed her own highly individually and revolutionary personality in her elliptical and provocative poems.

19. The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones of difference size and shapes.

20. One of the earliest strike in United States history occurred in 1740 when bakers refused to work until their wages were increased.

21. Count Basie’s distinctive piano style and band arrangements of the late 1930’s earned his an important place in jazz history.

22. The wide range of elevations in the southern Appalachian Mountains allows for the great diverse of plant life found there.

23. Four huge shield volcanoes have been observed on Mars, as well as a great number of small ones like found those on the Earth.

24. The 1897 discover of gold in the Klondike hastened the commercial development of Washington State, as did the increasing trade with Pacific Islands.

25. The Saint Lawrence River is young relatively by geological standards, as it was founded during the last ice age.

26. With the ability produce and control fire, early humans could make heat and light and could cook foods that were difficult to eat raw.

27. Only the female and the worker wasps are equipped with a sting, which they use it to attack their prey or to protect themselves against enemies.

28. Compared with another breeds, quarter horses can start more quickly, turn more sharply, and run faster over short courses.

29. Stars emit radio waves, which they may be detected and studied using radio telescopes.

30. A glider is a type of aircraft resembling an airplane but often having not means of propulsion at all.

31. A patrilineal extended family consists of core group of males, their wives, and their unmarried daughters.

32. Herons inhabit marshy areas of the shores along fresh or salt water which they find fishes, frogs, crustaceans, and other aquatic animals to eat.

33. A computer program that communicates with the user solely by choices providing from interlinked menus is said to be menu-driven.

34. In the 1930’s few major orchestras in the United States hired woman, so many chose to perform in amateur musical groups as an alternative.

35. Complex spacecraft are characterized by a various of supporting systems including communications, guidance and navigation, altitude control, and, in some cases, life-support


36. When a piano board is substituted for buttons on right side of an accordion, the instrument is known as a piano accordion.

37. Today’s lunar and solar eclipses can be predicted to within seconds of its occurrences, and interest in them is scientific as well as aesthetic.

38. The windowless inner rooms of the Pueblo Bontio in New Mexico served for the storage of supplies, while the brighter outer rooms were using for living quarters.

39. Ultrasonic is concerned with sound vibrates or waves of a frequency above 20,000 cycles per second, the upper range audible to the human ear.

40. Freesia plants reach a height of two and one-half feet and thrive best at temperature of 50 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


1999-08-          91

16. Common salt occurs naturally in pure, solidly form as the mineral halite and in widely distributed deposits of rock, or mineral, salts.

17. The term “metabolism” refers to the chemical changes which by living things transform food into energy.

18. Materials that of clay are among the most ancient manufactured articles and have played a vital role in human civilization.

19. Yogurt contains a higher percentage of lactic acid than another fermented milks, and it is rich in B-complex vitamins.

20. Canada is made up of ten provinces and two territories, with governmental powers being divided between the federal government or the provinces.

21. Before the formation of labor unions, individual workers had almost not voice in determining their wages, hours, or working conditions.

22. In the United States, the leading butter-producing states which are Wisconsin, Californiaand Minnesota.

23. Each stanza of a poem has a repeatable pattern of meter and rhyme and is normally division from the following stanza by a blank line.

24. Depending on many factors, including climate, mineral content of the soil, and the permanency of surface water, wetlands may be mossy, grassy, or covering with shrubs or


25. In many areas of the world, people need clothing for protection the weather.

26. Hoocer Dam in Nevada is a multipurpose structure that provides flood control, hydroelectric powerful, and drinking and irrigation water.

27. Physiologically, the period of adolescence is marked by active growth, especially in the skeletal and muscular systems and in a certain vascular tissues.

28. Free nitrogen is chemically inert and combines with other elements only since very high temperatures or pressures.

29. Sawfish are shark-like fish have “saws” of cartilage set with two rows of teeth on their snouts.

30. The decade of the 1920’s was significant in Georgia’s history because of the rapidity with what agriculture declined in the state.

31. Although usually living on or under rocks or on coral reefs, marine snails have been observed in a great various of habitats.

32. In the field of acting theory, controversy arises over the question of whether is acting a behavioral or a mental process.

33. Short-wave radios that can receive and transmit signals are used by pilots, the police, and amateur operator.

34. Because silk is the strongest of all natural fibers, ranking in strong with the synthetic fiber nylon, its delicate look and fell are deceptive.

35. The Red River, so named because of the red-colored sediment it carries, it is one of the main branches of the Mississippi.

36. Floyd Bennett was a pilot for two of the Arctic expedition of the 1920’s and the first pilot to fly over the north pole.

37. To those who favorite free trade, the revival of barter can suggest nothing less than a disaster.

38. In the United States, about 75 percent of the total tomatoes crop is processed into juice, caned tomatoes, sauces, pastes, and ketchup.

39. Today’s nuclear fission fuels are the remnants of which used to be a much more active mixture of radioactive and fissionable materials two billion years ago and earlier.

40. Petrography concerns primarily with the detailed description and classification of rocks, whereas petrology deals primarily with rock formation.


1999-10-          95

16. A large collections of materials focused on Louisiana’s history and culture is provided by the Williams Reseach Center in New Orleans.

17. Mary Austin’s first book, The Land of little Rain, a description of desert life in the western United States, won she immediate fame in 1903.

18. The most abundant phosphate mineral, apatite, includes several type that vary in their content of fluorine, chlorine, or hydroxyl ions.

19.Having gained a reputation as a daring, intrepid journalist, Nellie Bly became the first female report assigned to the Eastern front during the First World War.

20. In 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, allows settlers 160 acres of free land after they had worked it for five years.

21. Alone with the other physical sciences, meteorology has developed in the past three centuries from myth and folklore to rigorous observation, computation, analyze.

22. In 1973 the United States armed forces were placed on an all-volunteer basis for a first time since 1984.

23. Because lions do not have exceptional speedy, they must rely on the element of surprise for the hunt.

24. The position of the earth’s magnetic poles is not constant but shows an appreciable change after year to year.

25. Grassland vegetation reduces competition for water among species by concentrates roots at different levels.

26. Like the giant reptiles, most lineages of organisms have eventually become extinct; still some exist that have changed very little in millions of year.

27. Demonstrations public are an effective means by which advocacy groups can bring inequalities to the attention of local, state and federal officials.

28. Methods used in preparing articles for an encyclopedia differs, depending on the length of the article.

29. Since the advent of rock music in the 1950’s the popular music of the United States has become a significant musical influence around world.

30. Cloud droplets and ice crystals first form on certain types of small particles of dust or another airborne materials.

31. Male fiddler crabs have huge claws that move back and forth similar violinists move their arms when playing the violin.

32. Daylight saving time came into useful in the United States in an effort to conserve electricity by having business hours correspond to the hours of natural daylight

33. Almost every fruits and vegetables contain riboflavin; the richest sources are leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, or turnip greens.

34. Gold lends itself to the making of decorative articles because of its great resistant to corrosion and tarnish and its ease of working.

35. Ethics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the values of life in a coherent, systematic, and science manner.

36. Indiscriminately dumping of waste materials and inadequate sewage treatment are two serious causes of environmental pollution.

37. The builders of the variety ancient cliff ruins scattered throughout the canyons and mesas of the arid Southwest of the United States are known as the cliff dwellers.

38. A fragrant plant has tiny sacs that makes and stores the substances that give it a pleasant odor.

39. Nomadic hunter and gatherer societies have access to only a limited amount of food in an area and moved on when they have exhausted each locality.

40. Collagen, a strong rubbery protein, supports the earflaps and the tip of nose in humans.


2000-01-          99

16. The outer layer of the heart, called the pericardium, forms a sac in what the heart lies.

17. Wood from the ash tree becomes extremely flexibly when it is exposed to steam.

18. The ability to talk is one of the skill that make humans different from the rest of the animal world.

19. In plane geometry, the sum of the internal angles of any triangle has always equal to 180 degrees.

20. Polar bears are bowlegged and pigeon-toed, adaptations that enable this massive animals to maintain their balance as they walk.

21. Caves are formed by the chemical or action mechanical of water on soluble rock, by volcanic activity, and by earthquakes.

22. Celery, an edible plant is having long stalks topped with feathery leaves, grows best in cool weather.

23. The first fiction writer in the United States to achieve international fame was Washington Irving, who wrote many stories, included “ Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

24. Three fundamental aspects of forest conversation are the protection of immature trees, the use of proper harvesting methods, and provide for an environment that supports reproduction.

25. For each enzyme reaction there is an optimum temperature which maximum efficiency is achieved.

26. Adolescence is a transitional stage in human development from the beginning of puberty to the attainment of the emotion, social, and physical maturity of adulthood.

27. The people native to the northwest coast of North American have long be known for wood carvings of stunning beauty and extraordinary quality.

28. Colonial efforts to manufacture glass at Jamestown---- and later attempts near Philadelphia and Boston---failed despite the abundant of fuel and good raw materials.

29. The orbit of a celestial body is usually in the shape of ellipse.

30. Chicago is the third largest publishing center in the United States, exceeding only by New York City and San Francisco.

31. North American bison differ from domestic cattle in have 14 rather than 13 pairs of ribs.

32. Female sea turtles, before laying her eggs, swim as much as 2,000 kilometers to return to the beaches where they themselves were hatched.

33. Water is the only substance that occur at ordinary temperatures in all three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

34. Despite the growth of manufacturing and other industries, the economy of the state of Texas has remained heavily dependence on oil and gas.

35. Lyndon B. Johnson was the only United States President who oath of office was administered by a woman Judge Sarah Tilghman Hughes.

36. It took more than fourteen years to carve the faces of four United States Presidents into the granite cliffs to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.

37.Charles Bullfinch was the architect who design the original red brick core of the State House in Boston.

38.Rarely has a technological development had as great an impact on as much aspects of social, economic, and cultural development as the growth of electronics.

39. Lowell, Massachusetts, known as the “Spindle City” since 1822 when its first textile mills were built, attracted worldwide attention as textile center.

40.Strange Victory, Sara Teas dale’s smallest and most perfect collection of poems, appear in print in



16.More and 90 percent of the calcium in the human body is in the skeleton.

17. Perhaps the most popular film in movie history, Star Wars was written and direction by George Lucas.

18. Some animal activities, such as mating, migration, and hibernate, have a yearly cycle.

19. Geographers were once concerned largely with exploring areas unknown to them and from describing distinctive features of individual places.

20. In his animated films, Walt Disney created animals that talk and act like people while retaining its animal traits.

21. The first city in the United States that put into effect major plan for the clustering of government buildings was Washington, D.C.

22. In a microwave oven, radiation penetrates food and is then absorbed primarily by water molecules, caused heat to spread through the food.

23.The cultures early of the genus Homo were generally distinguished by regular use of stone tools and by a hunting and gathering economy.

24. Dolphins are sleek and powerful swimmers that found in all seas and unlike porpoises have well defined, beaklike snouts and conical teeth.

25. The velocity of a river is controlled by the slope, the depth, and the tough of the riverbed.

26. The phonograph record was the first successful medium for capturing, preservation and reproducing sound.

27. Generally, the pattern of open space in urban areas has shaped by commercial systems, governmental actions, and cultural traditions.

28. A liquid that might be a poor conductor when pure is often used to make solutions that readily transmits electricity.

29.The initial discovery by humans almost 10,000 years ago that they could exploit metallic mineral deposits was an important milestone in the development civilization.

30. In 1989 Tillie Fowler a Republican, became the first member of her party to serving as president of the city council of Jacksonville, Florida.

31. General anesthesia, which is usually used for major surgery, involves a complete loss of consciousness and a relaxed of the muscles.

32. After first establishment subsistence farms along the Atlantic seaboard, European settlers in North America developed a maritime and shipbuilding industry.

33.The legs of a roadrunner are enough strong that it can run up to 24 kilometers per hour to catch lizards and small rodents.

34. For the immune system of a newborn mammal to develop properly, the presence of the thymus gland is essentially.

35. Physicians working in the field of public health are mainly concerned with the environmental causes of ill and how to eliminate them.

36.By 1850, immigration from distance shores, as well as migration from the countryside, had caused New York City’s population to swell.

37.By identifying similar words or structures in different languages, we find evidence that those languages are related and may be derived from same ancestor.

38. Astronomers use photography and sighting telescopes to study the motions of all of the bright stars and many of the faint one.

39.In the nineteenth century a number of Native American tribe, such as the Comanche, lived a nomadic existence hunting buffalo.

40. The average elevation of West Virginia is about 1,500 foot above sea level.



16. Painters of the early twentieth century who were known primarily for they colorful landscapes, the Group of Seven changed is name to the Canadian Group of Painters in 1933.

17. Most animals have nervous systems, sense organs, and specialized modes of locomotion, and are capable of securing, ingesting, and to digest food.

18. The cork oak tree has a layer of cork several inches thickness that can be stripped every ten years.

19. Inflation, interest rates, and overall economic active can be governed by the United States Federal Reserve’s decision to adjust the supply of money to the economy.

20. Free radicals of oxygen, which common by-products of metabolic processes in the body, are capable of causing tissue damage.

21. By 1830 the glass industry in the United States had become too well established that the country no longer needed to depend on imported glass.

22. Free land, cheaply transportation, and powerfully persuasive railroad advertising all helped flood the western part of the United States with farmers in the nineteenth century.

23. Coral formations have known as fringing reefs are located close to shore, separated from land only by shallow water.

24. For a seagoing, cargo-carrying sailing vessels, the clipper ship was remarkably fast.

25. Visibly only through large telescopes, Pluto has a yellowish color, which indicates that there is very little atmosphere.

26. Diamond is the hardest known substance, so diamonds can be cut only by another diamonds.

27. The International Monetary Fund was created in a effort to stabilize exchange rates without interfering with the healthy growth of trade.

28. Butterflies and moths undergo complete metamorphosis, them changing from caterpillar to adult via one intermediate stage, the pupa.

29. Thousands of meteorite hit Earth each year, but most fall into the sea or in remote areas and are never recovered.

30. Alaska become the forty-ninth state in 1959,and Hawaii became the fiftieth state lately that year.

31. A sponge feeds itself by drawing water through tiny pores on its surface, filtering out food particles, and then expel the water through larger vents.

32. Toward the end of his life, John Singer Sargent returned to the painting of landscapes and the use of watercolors, of which he excelled.

33. Pythons differ than most other snakes by having two well developed lungs rather than a much smaller left lung or no left lung at all.

34. Weighing among two to five kilograms in adults, the skin is the largest organ of the human body.

35. Rodents dwell in various habitat, some species being aquatic, some terrestrial.

36. The nectar of flowers are ingested by worker bees and converted to honey in special sacs in their digestive systems.

37. Lucid dreaming, the ability dreamers to become aware of and to control their dreams while dreaming, is the focus of some current psychological research.

38. The sensation of sound is produced how vibrations transmitted through the air strike the eardrum.

39. The musical tone of an electric guitar is created not by the resonance of the body of the guitar but by electronically amplification.

40. Considered one of the most beautiful of the fine art, ballet is a combination of dance and mime performed to music.



16The pear tree has simple, oval leaves that are smoother and shinier than them of the apple.

17In the orbit of a planet around the Sun, the point closest to the Sun is called it the perihelion.

18In the early 1900’s, Roy Harris created and promoted a distinctly American style of classical music and greatly influenced a number of composer in the United States.

19The eighteenth century witnessed the emergence of North American ports, particular Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, as major commercial centers within the British empire.

20Guitarlike instruments have exist since ancient times, but the first written mention of the guitar itself is from the fourteenth century.

21The law of biogenesis is the principle what all living organisms are derived from a parent or parents.

22Onyx is a mineral that can be recognized its regular and straight parallel bands of white, black, or brown.

23There are as many as 200 million insects for every human beings, and in fact their total number exceeds that of all other animals taken together.

24Native to South America and cultivated there for thousands of years, the peanut is said to have introduced to North America by early explorers.

25Originally canoes were made by the hollowing out of logs and used were for combat as well as transport.

26Among the symptoms of measles, which takes about twelve days to incubate, are a high fever, swelling of glands in the neck, a cough, and sensitive to light.

27Ice crystals in a glacier tends to melt and recrystallize within a brief moment of travel on a downhill glide.

28Photograph was revolutionized in 1851 by the introduction of the collodion process for making glass negatives.

29The piano is a stringed musical instrument in which the strings are strike by felt-covered hammers controlled by a board.

30The sounds used in human languages to create meaning consist of small variation in air pressure can be sensed by the ear.

31The mountains, especially the Rocky Mountains, formerly constituted a seriously barrier to east-west trade in British Columbia.

32Telescope are frequently used in astronomy to collect light from a celestial object, bring the light into focus, and producing a magnified image.

33Diamond is the hardest known substance, so diamond can be cut only by another diamonds.

34There are about 350 species and subspecies of birds in danger of become extinct, with a large number of them, 117 in all, found on oceanic islands.

35The nineteenth-century romantic movement in art was partially a reaction to what was perceived as overemphasis on reasonable and order in neoclassicism.

36Like triglycerides, cholesterol is a type of fat that is both consumed in the diet but manufactured by the body.

37Both the United States silver dollar and half-dollar, first minted in 1794, had a figure of Liberty on one side and a eagle on the reverse side.

38For an advertisement to be effective, its production and placement must to be based on a knowledge of human nature and a skilled use of the media.

39While photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds.

40The Democratic Party, the most oldest existing political party in the United States, has played a vital role in the nation’s history.



16. A variation of collodion photography was the tintype, which captured images on a black or dark brown metal plate instead from on glass.

17. In cases of minor injury to the brain. Amnesia is likely to be a temporarily condition.

18. The system of chemical symbols, first devised about 1800. gives a concise and instantly recognizable description of a element or compound.

19. The fact that white light is light composed of various wavelengths may be demonstrating by dispersing a beam of such light through a prism.

20. Over the course of history, much civilizations developed their own Number systems.

21. In the United States during the Second World War, each trade unions and employers avoided federal limits on wages by offering employees Nontaxable medical benefits.

22. Philosophy is the study of the nature of reality, knowledge, existent, and ethics by means of rational inquiry.

23. Poems vary in length from brief lyric poems to narrative or epic poems, Which can be as broad in scope than a novel.

24. The population of California more than doubled during the period 1940-1960, creating problems in road-building and provide water for its arid southern section.

25. Although based it on feudal models, the colony of Pennsylvania developed a reputation for a progressive political and social outlook.

26. Hard and resistant to corrosion, bronze is traditionally used in bell casting and is the material used widely most for metal sculpture.

27. The Appalachian Mountains formation a natural barrier between the eastern seaboard and the vast lowlands of the continental interior of North America.

28. The United States census for 1970 showed that the French-speaking residents of Louisiana were one of the country’s most compact regional linguistic minority.

29. When used as food additives, antioxidants prevent fats and oils from become rancid when exposed to air, and thus extend their shelf life.

30.liquid will flow and take the shape of their container.

31. Copper was the first metallic used by humans and is second only to iron in its utility through the ages.

32. Despite the fact that lemurs are general nocturnal, the ring-tailed lemur travels by day in bands of four to twelve individuals.

33. The Western world is beset with the range of problem that characterize mature, postindustrial societies.

34. Acrylic paints are either applied using a knife or diluted and spreading with a paintbrush.

35. Some marine invertebrates, such as the sea urchin and the starfish, migrates from deep water to shallow during spring and early summer to spawn.

36. Marshes, wetland areas characterized by plant grassy growth, are distinguished from swamps, wetlands where trees grow.

37. Wampum, beads used as a form of exchange by some Native Americans, was made of bits of seashells cut, drill, and strung into belts.

38. Kangaroos use their long and powerful tails for balance themselves when sitting upright or jumping.

39. Proper city planning provides for the distribution of public utilities, public buildings, parks, and recreation centers, and for adequate and the inexpensive housing.

40. Most traditional dances are made up of a prearranged series of steps and movements, but modern dancers are generally free to move as they choice.


16. A gene is a biological unit of information who directs the activity of a cell or organism during its lifetime.

17. The flowering of African American talent in literature, music, and art in the 1920’s in New York City became to know as the Harlem Renaissance.

18. The symptoms of neumonia, a lung infection, include high fever, chest pain, breathing difficult, and coughing.

19. The rapid grow of Boston during the mid-nineteenth century coincided with a large influx of European immigrants.

20. In 1908 Olive Campbell started writing down folk songs by rural people in the southern Appalachian mountains near hers home.

21. The thirteen stripes of the United States flag represent the original thirteen states of the Union, which they all were once colonies of Britain.

22.In 1860, more as 90 percent of the people of Indiana lived rural areas, with only a few cities having a population exceeding 10,000.

23.Gravitation keeps the Moon in orbit around Earth and the planets other of the solar system in orbit around the Sun.

24.Photograph was revolutionized in 1831 by the introduction of the collodion process for making glass negatives.

25. After flax is washed, dry, beaten, and combed, fibers are obtained for use in making fabric.

26. A fever is caused which blood cells release proteins called pyrogens, raising the body’s temperature.

27. Because of various gift-giving holidays, most stores clothing in the United Sates do almost as much business in November and December as they do in the other ten months combined.

28. The United States National Labor Relations Board is authorized to investigation allegations of unfair labor practices on the part of either employers or employees.

29. The Great Potato Famine in Ireland in the 1840’s caused an unprecedented numbers of people from Ireland to immigrate to the United States.

30.The particles comprising a given cloud are continually changing, as new ones are added while others are taking away by moving air.

31. Political parties in the United States help to coordinate the campaigns of their members and organizes the statewide and nationa conventions that mark election years.

32. The lemur is an unusual animal belonging to the same order than mon’s and apes.

33. Cheese may be hard or soft, depending on the amount of water left into it and the character of the cuting.

34. The carbon-are lamp, a very bright electric lamp used for spotlights, consists of two carbon electrodes with a high-current arc passing between it.

35. At first the poems of E.E. Cummings gained notoriety to their idiosyncratic punctuation and typography, but they have gradually been recognized for their lyric power as well.

36. The mechanism of human thought and recall, a subject only partly understood by scientists, is extraordinary complicated.

37. While the process of photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and organic compounds.

38.The globe artichoke was known as a delicacy at least 2,500 years ago, and records of its cultivation date from fifteenth century.

39. Humans do not constitute the only species endowed with intelligence: the higher animals also have considerably problem-solving abilities.

40. Many of species of milkweed are among the most dangerous of poisonous plants, while others have little, if any, toxicity.



16. Modern societies are such complex that they could not exist without a well-developed system of law.

17. Altitude, climate, temperature, and the length of the growing season both determine Where plants will grow.

18. The bathyscaphe, a free-moving vessel designed for underwater exploration, consists of a Flotation compartment with a observation capsule attached underneath it.

19. Water constitutes almost 96 percent of the body weight of a jellyfish, so if a jellyfish were to dry out in the sun, it would virtually disappeared.

20. The most important parameters affecting a rocket’s maximum flight velocity is the relationship between the vehicle’s mass and the amount

21.There were once only eight major lakes or reservoirs in Texas, but today there are over 180, many built to storing water against periodic droughts.

22. All harmonized music that is not contrapuntal depends from the relationship of chords, which are either consonant or dissonant.

23. Expressionist drama often shows the influence of modern psychology by reflecting the frustrations inner of the dramatist.

24. It is the number, kind, and arrange of teeth that determine whether a mammal is classified as a carnivore not the food that the animal actually eats.

25. The sea otter is well adapted at its marine existence, with ears and nostrils that can be closed under water.

26. Petroleum, which currently makes up about four-tenths of the world’s energy production, supplies more commercial energy than any another source.

27. Someone may refuse to recognize the seriousness of an emotionally threatening situation and perceive as less threatening.

28. Through experiments with marine organisms, marine biologists can increase our knowledge of human reproductive and development as well as our understanding of the nervous system.

29. When swollen by melting snow or heavy rain, some rivers routinely overflow its banks.

30. In 1884 Belva Lockwood, a lawyer who had appeared before the Supreme Court, became the first woman was nominated for President of the United States.

31. The taller of all animals, a full-grown giraffe may be eighteen feet or more high.

32. Physicists have known since the early nineteenth century that all matter is made up of tiny extremely particles called atoms.

33. Rain is slight acidic even in unpolluted air, because carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other natural acid-forming gases dissolve in the water.

34. In a stock company, a troupe of actors performs in a particular theater, presenting plays from its repertory of prepare productions.

35. Established in 1860, the Government Printing Office prints and binds documents for all department of the United States government.

36. Ethnology, usually considered a branch of cultural anthropology, is often defined as the scientifically study of the origin and functioning

37. The one-fluid theory of electricity was proposing by Benjamin Franklin, a man famous for his wide interests and great attainments.

38. Probably not speech of so few words has ever been as celebrated as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

39. Generally, Abstract Expressionist art is without recognizable images and does not adhere the Limits of conventional form.

40. Although complete paralysis is rare with neuritis, some degree of muscle weakness common.

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16By the end of the nineteenth century, organic chemistry had develop new methods for the synthesis of dyes, perfumes, explosives, and medicines.

17The Dinee, a Native American people of the southwestern United States, were once seminomadic hunters who practiced a few agriculture.

18The earliest successful sewing machines were powered by turn a hand crank.

19Early signs characteristic of the acute phase of viral hepatitis in adults are abdominal pain, nausea, and feverish often accompanied by chills.

20The Guggenheim Museum in New York City is one of the major center for the collection and display of works of abstract art in the United State.

21With the discovery of gold in the Klondike in Canada’s Yukon Territory in 1896, people flocked soon there from all parts of the world.

22The right side of the brain is mostly concerned with pictorial, intuitive, musically and spatial ablilities.

23A uniform mingling of molecules, which it occurs in homogeneous chemical compounds, results from the chemical constituents melting, dissolving, or diffusing into one another.

24Many dinosaurs were so much heavy that they spent most of their lives in swamps and shallow lakes where water could support them.

25With little nor no mass and no electric charge, neutrinos can penetrate a solid object such as the Earth as if it were not there.

26Georgia O’Keeffe is known for hers use of organic, abstract forms painted in clear, strong colors.

27Until the George Washington Bridge was built, modern suspension bridges were stiffened with steel trusses and beams to limited their motion in traffic and wind.

28First reported by Spanish explorers in 1796, the asphalt in California’s La Brea Tar Pit was mined commercial for many years.

29Independence political of newspapers became a common feature of journalism in the United States of the 1840’s and 1850’s.

30Transistors exhibit a high amplification factor, operate without distorted over a wide frequency range, and can be made extremely small.

31In most cases of epilepsy, cerebral electrical activity, also known as brain waves, demonstrates a characteristically abnormal rhythms.

32New York City’s theatrical district was concentrated the Bowery from 1860 to 1875, and around 1900 the avenue became a center for the Yiddish theater.

33Most female lizards lay eggs, but the females of a number of lizard species bear her young alive.

34Recently archaeologists have strived to develop theories, based on archaeological evident, that explain societal changes such as the development of farming..

35 One of the most impressive cultural achievements of the United State during the 1920’s was a vastly outpouring of serious literature.

36The chemical element chlorine is a corrosive, greenish-yellow gas that has sharp odor and has 21/2 times heavier than air.

37Hair grows more quickly in summer than in winter and more slowly at the night than during the day.

38Different fourteen crops were being grown 8,600 years ago by some of the world’s earliest farmers.

39Between 1905 and 1907, floodwaters from the Colorado River poured into a salt-covered depression and creating the Salton Sea.

40Saturn takes almost 30 Earth years to make one trip around the Sun, during Jupiter takes about twelve Earth years to complete one solar revolution.


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16.Fog and mist, like clouds, can formed only in the presence of dust particles.

17.The Spanish claiming title to all of North America and established the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida, in 1565.

18.The federal system of government in Canada is similar to it of the United States.

19.It may be argued that genetics, the study of heredity and variation, underwent the most rapid development of any science biological in the twentieth century.

20.Music involves the interaction of three elements: rhythm, melodic, and harmony.

21.The Medicare program was established in 1965 to helping elderly United States citizens pay the increasing cost of health care

22.Researchers have found subtle neurological differences between the brains of men and women either in physical structure and in the waythey function.

23.Scientists have traditionally classified plants by grouping them according to similarities in their overall appear, their internal structure, and the form of their reproductive organs.

24.Geometric figures first appeared more than 15,000 years ago in both practically and decorative forms, such as shapes of buildings,cave paintings, and decorations on pottery.

25.In the early nineteenth century, the Cherokee nation of American Indians was adopted a written constitution based on that of the United States.

26.The able of writers to precisely record observations made about others enables them to include in their work a great deal of material outside their own experience.

27.In Connecticut, hundreds of houses dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are preserved by more as 100 local or national historical societies.

28.In 1899 Mary Elizabeth Brown donated hers collection of over 200 musical instruments to the Metropolitan Museum of art.

29. Four different types of remembering are ordinarily distinguished by psychologists: recollection, recall, recognize, and relearning.

30.Harbors are protected areas of water that can be used the transfer of passengers and cargo between ships shore.

31.Fossil remains reveal that the farther back in time an animal lived, the smaller than was its brain in proportion to the size of its skull.

32. As do all insects, a butterfly has a hard outer covering, called it an exoskeleton, that both supports and protects the body.

33.In the early 1900’s Pennsylvania’s industries grew rapidly, a growth sometimes accompanied by disputes labor.

34.Also known as a movie or a film, the motion picture is one of the most popular form of art and entertainment throughout the world.

35.The soil in which coffee is grown must be rich, moisture, and absorbent enough to accept water readily, but sufficiently loose to allow rapid drainage.

36.A merger is achieved when a company purchased the property of other firms, thus absorbing them into one corporate structure that retain its original identity.

37.Under the certain conditions, a rainbow appears at the end of a rain shower in the quarter of the sky opposite the Sun.

38. During the nineteenth century the molecular theory of matter was developed, which considered all matter to be composed of tiny, indivisible entity called molecules.

39. A cardinal role for players of the lute, a stringed instrument, are that every note is sustained for as long as possible.

40. It was the split of eleven southern states from the Union in 1861 that leading to the Civil War in the United States.


2002-05-          123

16. Some fish have whiskers, which are sensory organs used for touching and tasting, and which are helpful when are they searching for food in sand and mud.

17.Cement is produced commercially by to heat a mixture of limestone and clay in a large,slowly rotating cylindrical furnace.

18.In addition to appropriating the subject matter of mass culture, the pop art movement of the 1950’s utilized various technique of mass production.

19. Practical problems limit the ability of astronomers to determine the mass of asteroids,who are small planetary bodied orbiting the Sun.

20.An accomplished saxophonist and composer, John Coltrane begun his career playing in the big bands of the early 1950’s.

21.Bacteria and similar one-celled organisms reproduce by cell division, each of the daughter cell then beginning a new life as a distinct organism.

22.Many species of birds that breed in temperate latitudes often show particular patterns of migration while the year.

23.Quebec, the most oldest city in Canada, lies on the north bank of the St. Lawrence River.

24.Because of the need to maintain the correct balance of salts and minerals in the water, keeping saltwater fish in aquariums requires more work that keeping freshwater fish.

25. Addressing themes that were unique American, the poet Walt Whitman celebrated the lives of ordinary people.

26.Many museums have been founded by private benefactors, and a few have received endowments that help to support theirs routine operations.

27.The Bessemer process for converting iron to steel was invention of enormous importance because it led to many significant changes in industrial processes.

28. Painters have been portraying the sea for centuries, and in the United States a rich tradition of marine painting been developed during the nineteenth century.

29.The city of Memphis, Tennessee, was a important Confederate military center during the American Civil War and served as the temporary state capital in 1862.

30. Although all sedimentary rocks contain iron, but the deposits that are richest in iron consist predominantly of minerals such as iron oxides, carbonates, silicates, and sulfides.

31.In the United States, the attorney general is a cabinet member in charge with the administration of the Department of Justice.

32.The Atlantic cable, which began to operating in 1866,linked the United States to London and to another cable stretching eastward to India and beyond.

33. Many folk songs were originated to accompany manual work or to mark a specific ceremonies.

34.The shell of the abalone, a marine snail, is especially suited by its hardness and various of colors for the manufacture of jewelry.

35.Geraldine Farrar, who debuted as an opera singer in 1901,later appeared both on stage and in several silent film.

36.The migration of African Americans from the rural South to the industrial North in the early 1900’s were the biggest internal migration in American history.

37.Searching for alternate forms of energy does not necessary mean the abandonment of fossil fuels as an energy source.

38. The flamingo constructs a cylindrical mud nest for its egg, which both parents care for it.

39. Due to persistent inbreeding, self-pollinating plants have genetically more uniform than cross-pollinated plants,which harbor more genetic variability.

40. Metaphysical philosophy is concerned with the principles, structures, and meaningful that underlie all observable reality.


2002-10-          127

16. Lake trout, fish usually finding in deep, cool lakes, are greenish gray and are covered with pale spots.

17. During the first 20 years of the space age, the United States spent more than 90 billion dollars onto its civilian and military space programs.

18. Vitamin A and C and most of the B vitamins are retain in foods that have been canned.

19. Ella Baker spent her adult life working for social change by lecturing, writing, teacher,and organizing adult literacy programs.

20. Gold can combined with silver in any proportion, but alloys with 50 to 60 percent silver are the strongest.

21. The camera obscure, a lensless precursor of the photographic camera, consists of a darkened chamber, with light pass into it through a single tiny hole.

22. Lumber production was the main industry in Michigan until the early 1900`s, which the automobile industry was established in Detroit.

23. Twenty minutes of vigorous exercise every day is very effect in helping a person to maintain physical fitness.

24. It was not until after Emily Dickenson’ s death in 1886 that, hidden away in her bureau, overly one thousand unpublished poems were discovered.

25. Rocks form within Earth are called intrusive or plutonic rocks because the magma form which they form often intrudes into neighboring rock.

26. Most fish swim by moving their tails from side to side, with little relatively body undulation.

27. In its life expectancy, although in most other things, the Sun is a typical star.

28. Machines need energy to function, whether it is animal or human muscle, wind or waters currents, or heat-generated energy, such as steam.

29.The modern violin, the smallest and versatile instrument in the violin family, is tuned in fifths and produces tones ranging over four and a half octaves.

30 Norman Rockwell was a meticulous artist who paintings portrayed family incidents and well-defined characters with a wealth of supporting details.

31 By the late twelve century, stained glass had emerged in Europe as an integral part of Gothic architecture.

32 The United States, a nation with a highly diversified economy, is a major exporter of grain, fruit, chemical, aircraft, and cars.

33 Canada began cultivation wheat intensively in 1910, which led to a demand for tools, machines, housing, and building supplies.

34 Magnesium has little structural strength and must be alloyed with another metals such as aluminum and zinc when it is to be subjected to stress.

35 Orchid seeds take up to eighteen months to mature before they sprout, and the young plants may need another two years to reach at the flowering stage.

36 The oldest public edifice in Washington D.C, the White House was originally constructed in the 1790`s, also has been rebuilt or extensively remodeled three times since.

37 Mitosis is the normal process by which a cell divides, each new cell ending up wich a same number of chromosomes as the parent cell.

38.There are a series of large-scale wind patterns all over Earth are called prevailing winds that have a direct effect on weather and climate.

39.In June, 1846, near Sacramento, California, a number of new settlers rebelled in the Bear Flag Revolt and proclaiming California an independent republic.

40.A mutation is result of a definite biochemical change in a gene that causes the offspring to vary in some characteristic from the parents.


2002-08-          131

16. By 1899 Ransom olds had establish in Detroit, Michigan, the first factory in the United States for the manufacture of automobiles.

17. The progressive Movement is an umbrella tern refer to a number of reform efforts that emerged in the early 1900’s.

18. The pelican is a water bird with a large pouch attached to its bill, which it uses as a scoop for catch small fish.

19. The invention of reinforced concrete, plate glass, and steel in the mid-1800’s

20. Acoustics, the study of sounds, is one of the oldest of the physically sciences.

21.Each of functions of the body, even thinking, requires the expenditure of energy.

22.Gourds were introduced to what is now the southwestern United States by earliest peoples who migrated north from Mesoamerica about 7000 years ago.

23. The economic heart of Canada, Ontario accounts for more than 40 percentage of the nation’s productive capacity.

24. Virtually all parts moving of an automobile need to be lubricated because, without lubrication, friction would increase power consumption and damage the parts.

25. Rarely has a technological development had as great an impact on society as the rapid grow of electronics.

26. The North American Review, a magazine was first published in 1815, was one of the leading literary journals of the past woe centuries.

27. Fuel is any substance or material that reacts chemically with another substance or material to produce hot.

28. Glint was a favored material of prehistoric humans, which used it to make tools and weapons, because it would chip into shapes with sharp edges.

29. Mutiny of a ship’s crew against the captain signifies the breakdown of the obedience and discipline required to deal effectively to perils at eat.

30. Of all the art-related reference and research library in North America, that of the Metropolitan Museum of a Art in New York City is among the largest and most complete.

31. Acclimatization is the process by which an organism adjusts to living in an environment to which it normally unsuited.

32. Glaciers, mass of ice that flow outward from ice caps, cover about one-tenth of earth’s land area.

33. Some species of bacteria and fungi thrive on such simply compounds as alcohol.

34. In 1923 Alice Paul began campaign to promote the adoption of an amendment to the United States Constitution mandating equal rights for women.

35. Perhaps more than any other United States city, San Francisco is a collection of neighborhood.

36. Almost every the hereditary material of an individual organism resides in the chromosomes.

37. Only with early seventeenth-century observers did the music of the original inhabitants of the United States and Canada entered recorded history.

38. Perhaps the most distinctive features of sharks and undoubtedly one of the most important reasons for their success is their well-developed sensory system.

39. The major economic activities of Cheyenne, Wyoming, include transportation, chemicals, tourism, but governmental activities.

40. The fiction writer, poetry, and critic Edgar Allan Poe is among the most familiar of American writers and one of the most enigmatic.


2002-09-          134

16.The Executive Mansion, constructed in the 1790’s and now popularly called the White House, is oldest public edifice in Washington,D.C.

17. Inventor Elisha Graves Otis designed the first elevator that it incorporated an automatic brake, which in turn led to the development of the skyscraper.

18. Although the term “corrosion” applies mostly to metals and particularly to their reaction to oxygen, all material are subject to surface deterioration.

19. The chief commercial source of bromine is ocean water, from what the element is extracted by means of chemical replacement by chlorine.

20. Like Jupiter and Earth, Saturn is flattened at a poles.

21. All living things are made up of one or more cells, and each of these cells were produced by an already existing cell.

22. It is believed that some dinosaurs were intelligent, ability to perform complex activities, and perhaps even capable of social behavior.

23. Unique among bivalves, scallops swim extremely well, propelled by jets of water expelled while snapped the shell shut.

24. In the period between 1918 and 1939, various political, economic, and geographic factors combined in determine the extent to which a country developed civil aviation.

25. The main attractive at Sequoia National Park is thirty-five groves of giant sequoias, the largest living things in the world.

26. In films, optical printing can be combined with blue-screen photography for produce such special effects as characters seeming to fly through the air.

27. The developed coutries of the world are using up valuable resources at a rate unprecedented human history.

28. An activist for women’s rights, Leonora O’Reilly promoted women’s vocational training besides fought for increased wages for garment workers.

29. Cameras of one type or another have been using for more than a hundred years.

30. Electricity is the phenomenon associated with positively and negatively particles charged of matter at rest and in motion, either individually or in great numbers.

31. Air, which it is a mixture of elements oxygen and nitrogen and compounds water and carbon dioxide, also contains small quantities of many other substances.

32. The planets far from the Sun are so remote from any heat source that their temperatures are thought to be much near absolute zero.

33. Some claim that vegetarian diets may to be more healthful than a diet that includes meat, since they generally contain less fat and more fiber.

2003-01-          137

16. A children’s librarian often conducts story hours and other activities to help children enjoy herself while developing an interest in reading and the library’s resources.

17. Titanium has the strength of steel but weighs half only as much, hence its advantage for use in aircraft.

18. Protective behaviors of amphibians include hiding in the presence of danger and having coloration such closely matching the environment that the animal is not obvious.

19. As the highest-paid star of the silent screen, earning a reputedly income of $20, 000 a week, Gloria Swanson epitomized the glamour of Hollywood in the 1920’s.

20. Candles may be made by repeatedly dipping wicks in tallow, by molding, nor by pouring melted wax over the wicks and rolling them into shape.

21. While models of automobiles date back as far as the late 1600’s, the 1880’s seen the first commercial interest in the vehicle.

22. The conceptual of musical harmony is generally traced to the ninth century because it is first mentioned in treatises of that period.

23. Paleontologists have examined fossil embryos and hatchlings from three type of duck-billed dinosaurs to figure out how they matured.

24. Lightning tends to strike the nearest good conductor, and hence often strikes in same place more than once.

25. When study different cultures and societies, anthropologists often focus on marriage as a contractual agreement between different parties.

26. The first piloted balloon flight across the Atlantic Ocean took place at 1978.

27. The Arts and Crafts Movement of the late nineteenth century strove to revitalizing handicrafts and applied arts during an era of increasing mass production.

28. When canned using proper methods, food suffers no loss in vitamins or another nutritive elements.

29. Heat exhaustion is causing by excessive loss of body fluids and body salts.

30. Primitive humans probably did not deliberately cook food until long after they had learned to use fire for light and warm.

31. The poor condition of prisoners are what concerned Dorothea Dix, an American social worker and director of a school in Boston.

32. Found in the shells of lobsters, shrimp, and crabs, glucosamine is also present in human cartilage, which covering the bones in joints.

33. Between 1871 until 1891, the population of Toronto more than tripled, increasing from 56,000 to 181,000.

34. In the nineteenth century, Montreal grew into an important transportation and industrial center, aided by its many natural resources and an abundant of hydroelectric power.

35. In the initial planning for theaters, auditoriums, but any room intended primarily for listening, acoustics is a major consideration.

36. The pulse that may be felt wherever an artery passes over a solid structure, such as a bone or cartilage.

37. Through his essays, poems, and lectures, Ralph Waldo Emerson established himself as a major thinker of his time and as a figure leading of American literature.

38. The “method”, which is both a style of acting a system of training for the actor, stresses inner motivation and psychological truth.

39. On September 6, 1996, civil rights activist Rosa Parks was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor the United States government gives to civilian.

40. Basalt, which composes most of the ocean floor, is a dark-grey rock rich in iron and magnesium than most surface rocks.

2004-8-            160

16. Reptiles are found on land and in water, but they cannot alive in frigid climates because they need the Sun's warmth to give them energy_

17. Stone tools began to be replaced around 6,000 years ago by metal tools, who were used to build instruments and simple machines.

18. One of the most famous structures in the world, the Statue of Liberty is widely considered a inspiring symbol of hope and freedom.

19. Buses were developed at the beginning of the twentieth century to compete with streetcars by providing flexibility greater in routes.

20. Abundant rainfall or irrigation is necessary during the early grow period of coffee, but dry conditions during ripening produce beans with the best flavor.

21. There was at least 2,000 years ago that inhabitants of the Northwest Coast of North America first established trade mutes for obsidian.

22. The simplest polymers are created when pressure or heat causes small molecules alter slightly and link together in a long chain.

23. A Canadian Prime Minister must have the supportive of a majority of the members of the Houseof Commons to remain in office.

24. The Ashcan school of painting concentrated on ordinary --even ugly--city scenes, rendering they in straightforward, conventional styles that bordered occasionally on illustration.

25. By the end of the 1950"s, the suburban population of the United States totaled 60 million, approximately equivalence to the urban areas of the country.

26. Because it is often dependent of the conditions of crystallization, the composition of the minerals in a rock can be important in determining the rock's geologic history.

27. Endemic diseases are diseases that habitual infect only those persons living within certain geographical limits.

28. Regional geography examines, on a regional basis, the ways in which the people local interact with the environment of the area where they live.

29. The Mobile River and its tributaries, which flow south to the Gulf of Mexico, form most important river system in Alabama.

30. Beneath the surface of the ocean there lies a hidden world inhabit by plants and animals we rarely see.

31. Advertising's primary objective is to presell a product, that is, to convince consumers to purchase an item before they are actually see and inspect it.

32. Fats and fixed oils are greasy or waxy substance that ill their pure state are normally tasteless, colorless, and odorless.'

33. Of all the elements in the Earth's crust, oxygen is known to be the more common.

34. In microphotography, processes photographic are used to reproduce text or illustrations on film in sizes requiring magnification for reading or viewing them.

35. The round, hard-shelled nuts of the macadamia tree grow in clusters and are covered with husks what split when the nuts are ripe.

36. The United States Social Security Act, enacted in 1935, contained three major programs a retirement fund, unemployment insurance, and welfare grants for local distribute.

37. The light produced by lasers is in general far more monochromatic, powerfully, and coherent than that from any other light source.

38. Nineteenth-century United States artist John La Farge was the premier interior designer of his time, receiving commissions for church interiors, private houses, and mural.

39. During first ten years of the Space Age, which began in 1957, more than 500 artificial satellites were rocketed into orbit around the Earth.

40. Settlers streamed into Connecticut River towns in so large numbers between 1765 and 1790 that they nearly doubled the population of Hampshire County, Massachusetts.


16. The hermit crab, a crustacean that uses an empty shell as a portable refuge to cover its soft abdomen, changes shells as grows.

17. In the mid-1960's many artists began to working outdoors on a large scale, making the landscape rather than the studio their arena.

18. Electoral politics in the United States has been dominated by two political parties since the administer of George Washington.

19. Art Deed, a style of design popular in the 1920's and 1930's, was used primarily in furniture, jewel, textiles, and interior decoration.

20. Initially introduced in 1852, the gyroscope consists a spinning device, usually in the form of a wheel, that exhibits strong angular momentum.

21. The membrane surrounding a single-celled animal or plant or any individual cell in a multicellular organism is important in the respiratory and nutritionally processes of that cell.

22. In the nineteenth century, moving from crowded Britain to relatively sparsely populated North America were seen by many British as an act of patriotism.

23. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States regulates the right of the government to search a citizen's personal and property.

24. The color and pageantry, keen rivalry, and high level of competition both contribute to the great worldwide interest in the Olympic Games.

25. Although have there been better singers and actresses than Ethel Waters, none typifies the rise from rags to riches more dramatically than she.

26. The college that became Harvard University, the oldest institution of higher learning at the United States, was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1636.

27. In a eclipse of the Sun, the regions of umbra experience total eclipse and those of penumbra, partial eclipse.

28. Paleoanthropologists examine fossil remains of extinct primates, while physical anthropologists concern with ethnology study the behavior of primates in their natural settings.

29. Most ocean waves are generated by wind current that agitate the water's surface.

30. Some seeds are viable, or capable of growing into healthy plants, for only a few days after fall from the parent tree.

31. Statistics indicate that approximate every 22 years--within a range of 3 to 4 years--a major drought occurs in the United States.

32. The work of Sarah Oarne Jewet, care-nineteenth-century writer, reflects a concern in the alienating consequence, of condustrialization and urbanization.

33. Seismic waves generated by an earthquake or large explosion can be recorded thousands of kilometer from their source.

34. After the United States became independent, the cure of more fertile lands drew steadily New Englanders into the Ohio Valley and the British colony of Upper Canada.

35. Found in all oceans the various species of electric rays use the charge they can generate for both stunning prey or warding off predators.

36. Barium is a soft, heavy, silvery white metallic element that readily reacts with another elements to form useful compounds.

37. Among the most complex crystals are that of silicon dioxide, which has seven different structures at various temperatures and pressures, the most common being quartz.

38. Animals have to cope with and control physical and chemical processes that do not necessarily act to benefit of the animal.

39. By 1810 the 23 towns of Hampshire County, Massachusetts, had reached a remarkable uniform of economic development as well as population density.

40. With more than half the world's annual yield of 50 million tons of soy beans, an important source of protein, is grown in the United States.



16. In the eighteenth century, quilting became a common technique in the American colonies for make of coverlets sewed in floral and geometric designs.

17. The computer’s complex circuitry is miniaturized inside silicon chips, wafer-thin silicon crystals with circuits electronic etched onto them.

18. Centrifuges are widely use to separate liquids having different densities or to separate solids from liquids.

19. There is ample evidence of that about 700 million years ago, glaciers reached well into what are now tropical regions.

20. Mathematics is a tool that can help solve problems and lead to new developments in other fields, such as space flight, medical, and architecture.

21. The meter of the English poetry is determined by accented syllables rather by the quantities of vowels.

22. In the nineteenth-century United States, it was assumed that growth, change, and progressive derived mainly from individual effort and competition.

23. Swelling of the mucous membranes, cause by irritants, allergies, or infections, may block the nasal passages, making breathing difficult.

24. The spearmint plant, which grows to about three feet height, has stalkless leaves and lax, tapering spikes of flowers that are usually pink or lilac.

25. Germ theory defined precisely how diseases affect tissues and described their passage from one living creature to other.

26. The rings of the planet Uranus consists primary of boulder-sized chunks of dark matter, averaging about one meter in diameter.

27. George Inness’ rending of distance and atmosphere raised his art above the ordinarily realism of nineteenth-century American landscape painting.

28. Not much is it known about the details of the development and the acquisition of primate communication, especially in the wild.

29. Although Alaska is the state in the United States with the largest area, Texas is the one that is divide(divided) into the largest number of countries.

30. Much of the early European colonist in North America remarked on the profusion of birds, animals, and fish.

31. The dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp grew up in Los Angeles, California, and hers childhood included comprehensive training in music and dance.

32. Telecommunication systems involve the transmission of sound, pictures, words, and other types of information by electronic means, include radio signals and satellite relays.

33. In addition to being the state capital, Albany is a focal point of trade, ship, and commerce in upstate New York.

34. Like bats, dolphins use echolocation---pulses of high-frequency sound---both to find prey and for explore their environment.

35. The American zoologist Dian Fossey conducted field studies of wild gorillas that disproved old beliefs that gorillas were violence and aggressive.

36. Delaware is the only state which the legislature can amend the state constitution without the approval of the voters.

37. The subcutis layer of the skin contains fat and muscle that insulate internal organ and act as an energy reservoir for the body