16. The constitution of New Hampshire, a second oldest among those of the fifty states, was adopted in 1784.

17. Elinor Wylie’s writings consist of eight books---four novels and four volumes of poem---in which she displayed a knowledge of both history and literature.

18. In addition to their usefulness as scavengers, birds are of enormous value to humans because of they eat insects and control the spread of weeds.

19. When precipitation occurs, some of it evaporates, some runs off the surface it strikes, and some sinking into the ground.

20. The astronauts chosen for fly the first United States spacecraft were selected from military test pilots.

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21. Tarantulas inject a paralyzing venom into prey or with their large fangs.

22. Born in New York City in 1891, Preston Dickinson was one of the pioneers of modern artistic in the United States.

23. The water of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans make up 70.8 percent to the Earth’s surface.

24. The three main television networks in the United States account for more advertising dollars than any others medium.

25. In 1913 when he was only 18 year old, Leo Sowerby’s violin concerto was performed by the Chicago Symphony.

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26. Fossil records support the assumption which microorganisms were the first forms of life.

27. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was founded in 1878 and by 1881 had become the most largest evening newspaper in the city.

28. In artifacts from as early as the Stone Age, mathematics and art can be seen to have fused in the geometric patterns decorate pottery, weaving, and carpentry.

29. Despite their common heritage, background, and homogeneity, the original United States consisted of 13 distinct political entities, each commanding considerable loyal from its citizenry.

30. The choreographer George Balanchine created more than 150 works for the New York City Ballet, that which he was a founder.

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31. Some ways in which lizards different from snake are in having ear openings, moveable eyelids, and less flexible jaws.

32. Much of the work of the anthropologist Margaret Mead was devoting to a study of patterns of child rearing in various cultures.

33. The feathers of birds not only protect their skin from injury and conserve body heat, but also function in flight, courtship, camouflage, and sensory perceptive.

34. Of the many mushroom species growing wild, the common field mushroom is the one that is most frequently gather for human consumption.

35. Carl Roger’s client-centered therapy is now widely employed and is among the most influential technique in modern United States clinical psychology.

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36. Female horseflies transmit a few diseases, but their main significance as pests is in sting of their bite.

37. Despite a lack of navigably waterways, Madison, Wisconsin, developed into a manufacturing center as well as a major trade nucleus during the 1800’s.

38. The food and water that people consume them come from the environment, provided either by nature or through the work of farmers and other producers.

39. Communal dance, as a powerful symbol of mutual regard and cooperation group, underlies enduring traditions in folk dancing.

40. More than 800 major oil company have plants and offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the site of the international petroleum exposition.

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