16. The chief goal of biochemistry is for to understand the structure and behavior of the carbon-containing compounds that make up various components of a living cell.

17. According to entomologists, pollinating insects are attracted to flowers by scent else by color.

18. The American writer Alex Haley traveled more than a half million mile to authenticate his novel Roots.

19. Research by physician Alice Hamilton on industrially ailments and poisons led to greatly improved health conditions for workers in the early 1900’s.

20. It was in the late 1930’s where Dixieland jazz was appreciated by the general public for the first time.

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21. Since 1920 women have been able to participate actively in the government the United States.

22. The architectural floor plan for a building is primarily a diagram of the location and function of area each of the building.

23. Clocks not only measure and tell time but also serve as decorated in homes and other buildings.

24. Commercial prices for gems are based in several factors including beauty, durability, rarity,and the current fashion.

25. Candle are made by dipping a wick into wax, to pour wax into a mold containing a suspended Wick, or rolling wax around a wick.

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26. Avalanches occur why particles of sand, rock, or snow are dragged down a slope by gravity.

27. The average annual solar radiation received by the atmosphere varies strongly with latitude it is four times great at the equator than at the poles.

28. Peggy Guggenheim was none so much attracted to contemporary art itself as she was to the bohemian art world.

29. Radon-invisible, tasteless, and has no odor-is released into the atmosphere from soil and rocks.

30. Sparrows, small birds of the finch family, have stout beaks adapted seed eating and are useful to farmers in destroying weed seeds.

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31. The poems of Sara Teasdale are noting for their simplicity and purity of form.

32. Charlotte Pekins Gilman was a leading intellectual in the women’s movement while its early decades in the United States.

33. The Canadian province of Newfoundland has a rocky coast, a moisture climate, and probably the best cod-fishing areas in the world.

34. Among the favorite attractions at the National Air and Space Museum in Wahington D. C. Are the film presented on the five-story-tall screen.

35. Alchemists had the idea which by applying chemical vapors to base metals they could create gold.

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36. The most often flour is made from wheat, but it may also be made from the seeds of other cereal plants.

37. Lacrosse, the oldest organized sport in North America, originally played by the Iroquois Indians throughout upper New York and lower Ontario.

38. Although most house plants are acquired already potted, they also can be grown from seeds or leaf cuttings from mature plant.

39. The unique ability of the horseshoe crab detected bacterial endotoxins was a chance discovery in the 1970’s at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

40. Although experimental television had been available since the 1920’s, many people in United States did not see a broadcast until was the New York World’s Fair of 1939.

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