16. Since the beginning of this century, the United States government has played an role in the supervision and use of the nation’s natural resources.

17. Between 1906 and 1917, political activist Emma Goldma devoted most of her efforts to writing, traveling and lectured.

18. Height, powerful and speed are attributes that coaches often look for in basketball players.

19. Many of society’s wealth is controlled by large corporations and government agencies.

20. Pieces of eighteenth-century porcelain they are frequently dug up in excavations at williamsburg Virginia.

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21. A major purpose of scientific analysis is to identify and examine causal connections between independent and dependence variables.

22. Vaccines for some rare diseases are given only to persons which risk exposure to the disease.

23. Recause it is a healthful way to exercise aerobic dancing is considered an excellent method for release tension.

24. Doppler radar can be used to determine the direction which in the particles of a cloud are moving.

25. Applied research aims at some specific objective, such as the development of a new produce, process, or material.

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26. Most of the food what elephants eat is brought to their mouths by their trunks.

27. The highly respect zoologist Ernest Just joined the ruling board of the Marine Biological Laboratory in the 1930’s.

28. Clementine Hunter’s primitive paintings have been exhibited at various galleries, included one at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

29. Alike a chicken, the grouse has four toes, with the hind one raised above the ground.

30. Membership in labor unions in the United States reached its peak of 17 millions members in 1960.

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31. The newer kinds of seeds produce corn it has much greater food value than older kinds.

32. In meteorology, either the formation of clouds and the precipitation of dew, rain, and snow are known as condensation.

33. Varieties of yellow grapes that have tender skin, rich flavor and high sugar content are especially suited with making raisins.

34. Despite resistance in some parts of Canada, the conversion to metric measurement have been said to be largely successful.

35. The most safest way to watch a solar eclipse is for one to look at it in a mirror while wearing dark glasses.

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36. Chied Joseph La Flesche, a vigorous Omaha leader, worked hardly to make his nation a proud and progressive one.

37. The diamond is the only gemstone composed with just one chemical element, carbon.

38. In 1941 Orson Welles produced Citizen Kane a film noted for its technical brilliant, structural complexity, and Literate treatment of a controversial biographical subject.

39. Wildlife conservationists say the cover that foliage provides for animals is equal in importance to the food supplying.

40. The Leyden jar was one of the earliest form of condensers invented to store an electrical charge.

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