17. A radio telescope is an instrument that collects and measured faint radio waves given off by objects in space.

18. The private satellite industry sprang up in the mid-1960’s to relay not only television broadcasts but too phone calls and computer data.

19. Yosemite National Park it has many spectacular natural attractions, including Yosemite Falls,One of the world’s highest waterfalls.

20. During the Colonial days, the Iroquois had an agricultural economy basing mainly on corn with supplementary crops of pumpkins, beans, and tobacco.

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21. Before the retina of the eye can be examined, the pupil must to be artificially dilated.

22. The most widely writer praised of the 1960’s in the United States was probably Joyce Carol Oates, who published many novels and short stories.

23. Unlike animals such as cows or horses, human beings are neither able to digest cellulose, the fibrous carbohydrate found in grass.

24. At the age of 94, composer, conductor, arranger, and acting Eva Jessye led her choral group in the first production of the opera Porgy and Bess, written in 1935.

25. In 1987 the states of ice cream in the United States amounted to fifteen quarts per year for every persons in the country.

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26. The type of precipitation is affected by electrical conditions, air temperature and the percentage of humid in the air.

27. Almost destroy by fire in 1814, the White House was rebuilt and enlarged over the next three years.

28. A flight recorder shows how aircraft systems behave by giving information such as a plane’s high, direction, and rate of descent.

29. It is not unusual for ballet dancers wear out more than one pair of toe shoes during an evening’s performance.

30. A fable is usually a short tale featuring animals or inanimate objects that can talk and think alike humans.

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31. The “ashcan”school in American art being a rebellion against traditional subjects and favored the painting of back-street scenes.

32. When a magnet is free suspended it becomes a compass.

33. Susan Sontag’s aversion to the traditional critical practice of extracting morals meaning from art is reflected in her novels.

34. Best known for his research in statistical mechanics and meson physics, Chen Ning Yang shared the Nobel Prize in 1957 to another physicist from the United States, Tsung-dao Lee.

35. Those electrons most closely to the nucleus are held there by electromagnetic force.

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36. Its tremendous output of dairy products have earned the state of Wisconsin the title of America’s Dairyland.

37. The early use of a complete steel frame for towering buildings appeared in the first skyscraper, built on Chicago in 1883.

38. Some cities have a fire regulations that requires people to put smoke detectors in their houses.

39. Since flounders have markings that blend with their surroundings, it can lie camouflaged on the bottom of the ocean.

40. The determination of the path of Mars’s orbit in1609 became the unifying link among the two formerly separate realms of physics and astronomy.

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