16.A liquid is similar to a gas because has molecules are not fixed to each other in any specific way.

17.The Conestoga wagon, used for to carry heavy loads over long distances, originated around 1725 in a region of Pennsylvania occupied by the Conestoga Indians.

18.Providence, Rhode Island, is a busy manufacturing city and seaport, as well the state capital.

19.The young of most bird species are totally dependence on parental care after hatching.

20.During most of this century, A. Philip Randolph struggled for Black rights in the United States and becomes an important figure in the labor movement.

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21.It has been calculated that the Earth’s circumference around the equator is over forty longer miles than the circumference around the two poles.

22. A fish must constantly to gulp water in order to keep a current flowing through its delicate gills.

23. Maria Martinez, a Pueblo Indian, rediscovered the ancient art of Pueblo black pottery A and, by teaching the process to family and friends, develop a lucrative business.

24. Muscular motion is caused by the stimulate of specific nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

25. The first libraries in the North American colonies was established in Massachusetts in the year 1638.

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26. When does a neutron from one atom collides with the nucleus of another atom, a chain reaction can occur.

27. Alike other academic disciplines, sociology has several major sub-disciplines.

28. An enormous variety of information may be obtained from a largest daily newspaper.

29. Before the invention of the clock, people had to reliable on the celestial bodies to tell time.

30. How many people remember listening to Orson Welles’1938 radio broadcast. “The War of the Worlds,” Which convince thousands that space aliens had invaded the Earth?

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31. Pewter, a metal with an ancient heritage, is still practical medium for the nonprofessional metalworker.

32. According to cognitive theories of emotion, anger occurs when individuals believe that A they have been harmed and that the harm was either avoidable and undeserved.

33. Jackie Mclean’s recordings have shown that he is one of the few jazz musicians who style A B of playing has kept pace with the evolution of modern jazz.

34. How Native Americans developed corn is a puzzling, for no wild corn has ever been discovered, and it grows only where people plant and tend it.

35. A principle of manager is to ensure that every action or decision achieves a carefully planned goal.

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36. A good exercise program helps teach people to avoid the habits that might shorten the lives.

37. Classicism as a doctrine seeks what is universally truth and good.

38. Researchers at the University of Colorado are investigating a series of indicators that A B could help themselves to predict earthquakes.

39.Fungi are important in the process of decay, which returns ingredients to the soil, enhances soil fertility, and decompose animal debris.

40. A common use with gold in the nineteenth century was as a standard for the value of money.

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