Đề 2001-08

1. Geothermal energy is a potentially inexhaustible energy source ______been tapped by humans for centuries but,until recent years,only on a small scale.

(A) has it

(B) has

(C) that has

(D) that it has



2. The importance of the hand, and more generally of the body, in children’s acquisition of arithmetic_____.

(A) can hardly be exaggerated

(B) hardly exaggerated can be

(C) can be exaggerate hardly

(D) exaggerated can be hardly



3. ______ is present in the body in greater amounts than any other mineral.

(A) Calcium

(B) There is calcium

(C) Calcium, which

(D) It is calcium

4. _______ the evidence is inconclusive, it is thought that at least some seals have an echolocation system akin to that of bats, porpoises, and shrews.

(A) Rather

(B) Despite

(C) Although

(D) Why


5. The total mass of all asteroids in the solar system is much less ______ mass of Earth’s Moon.

(A) than that is the

(B) than the

(C) the

(D) is the


6. Like bacteria, protozoans _______by splitting in two.

(A) reproducing

(B) reproduce

(C) to reproduce

(D) reproduction


7. ______main processes involved in virtually all manufacturing: extraction,assembly,and alteration.

(A) There are three

(B) Three

(C) The three

(D) Three of the



8. Most documentary filmmakers use neither actors _______studio setting.

(A) or else

(B) but not

(C) nor

(D) and



9. Salamanders are sometime confused with lizards, but unlike lizards ________no scales or claws.

(A) that they have

(B) to have

(C) they have

(D) are having


10. The province of Alberta lies along three of the major North American flyways Used by birds _______between their winter and summer homes.

(A) the migration

(B) migrating

(C) migrate

(D) and migrate



11. Astronomers estimate ______called the Pleiades in the constellation Taurus is 415 light-years away from Earth.

(A) that a loose cluster of stars

(B) a loose cluster of stars is

(C) that is a loose cluster of stars

(D) there is a loose cluster of stars



12. Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, _____ the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938, is Best known for her novels about China.

(A) won

(B) winner of

(C) to win

(D) who the winner of



13. Stage producers Klaw and Erlanger were the first to eliminate arguments among leading performers _______in order of appearance, instead of prominence.

(A) of whom list the program

(B) the program listing

(C) for them the program listed

(D) by listing them on the program



14. During the decades after the United States Civil War, a host of technical advances made possible ______and uniformity of railroad service.

(A) a new integration

(B) for a new integration

(C) that a new integration

(D) and a new integration



15. Forests stabilize _____and retain precipitation, thereby helping to prevent erosion and regulate the flow of streams.

(A) to the soil

(B) the soil

(C) where the soil

(D) the soil is



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