1. A three-foot octopus can crawl through a hole ------ in diameter.

(A) than one inch less

(B) less than one inch

(C) one less inch than

(D) than less one inch



2. ------adopted the decimal system of coinage in 1867.

(A) Canada

(B) When Canada

(C) Canada, which

(D) There was Canada



3. Generally, the representatives ------ a legislature are constitutionally elected by a broad spectrum of the population.

(A) who they compose

(B) who compose

(C) and compose

(D) compose



4. The Actor’s Studio, a professional actors’ workshop in New York City, provides ------where actors can work together without the pressure of commercial production.

(A) a place and

(B) a place

(C) so that a place

(D) a place is



5. ------ that life began billions of years ago in the water.

(A) It is believed

(B) In the belief

(C) The belief

(D) Believing



6. By 1872 the United States had 70 engineering colleges, ------ astonishing expansion credited largely to the Morrill Act of 1862.

(A) because

(B) an

(C) to which

(D) was



7. The artist Romare Bcarden was ------ whose yellows, deep blues, and fuchsias contrasted strongly with photographic gray in his bright collages.

(A) with a gift for color

(B) a gifted colorist

(C) a gift with colorful

(D) gifted with coloring



8. The most important chemical catalyst on this planet is chlorophyll, -------carbon dioxide and water react to form carbohydrates.

(A) whose presence

(B) which is present

(C) presenting

(D) in the presence of which



9. One theory of the origin of the universe is -------from the explosion of a tiny, extremely dense fireball several billion years ago.

(A)because what formed

(B)the formation that

(C) that it formed

(D) when forming



10. Roads in the United States remained crude, ------- with graved or wood planks, until the beginning of the twentieth century.

(A) were unsurefaced or they covered them

(B) which unsureface or covered

(C) unsurfaced or covered them

(D) unsurfaced or covered



11. Portrait prints were the first reproductions of American paintings ------- widely distributed in the United States.

(A) were

(B) that which

(C) that being

(D) to be



12. Abigail Adams was prodigious letter writer, ------- many editions of her letters have been published.

(A) who

(B) and

(C) in addition to

(D) due to



13. In geometry, an ellipse may be defined as the locus of all points -------distances from two fixed points is constant.

(A) which as the sum of

(B) of the sum which

(C) the sum of whose

(D) whose sum that the



14.-------at the site of a fort established by the Northwest Mounted Police, Calgary is now one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.

(A) Built

(B) It is built

(C) To build

(D) Having built



15. An image on a national flag can symbolize political ideals that -------express.

(A) take many words to otherwise would.

(B) would take to many otherwise words

(C) many words to take would otherwise

(D)would otherwise take many words to




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