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1. The gray scale, a progressive series of shades ranging from black to white, is used in computer graphics _____ detail to graphical images.

(A) added

(B) to add

(C) are added

(D) and add



2. By _____ excluding competition from an industry, governments have often created public service monopolies.

(A) they adopt laws

(B) laws are adopted

(C) adopting laws

(D) having laws adopt



3. _____ skeleton of an insect is on the outside of its body.

(A) Its

(B) That the

(C) There is a

(D) The



4. Lenses, _____, are used to correct imperfection in eyesight.

(A) are the forms of glasses and contact lenses

(B) in the form of glasses and contact lenses

(C) glasses and contact lenses which form

(D) glasses and contact lenses may be formed



5. In eighteenth-century North American, printed engravings provided____ rococo style.

(A) the most manifestation widespread

(B) manifestation widespread the most

(C) the widespread manifestation most

(D) the most widespread manifestation



6. In the Arctic tundra, ice fog may form under clear skies in winter, ____ coastal fogs or low stratus clouds are common in summer.

(A) because of

(B) whereas

(C) despite

(D) that



7. On attaining maximum size, ___ by drawing itself out and dividing into two daughter amoebas, each receiving identical nuclear materials.

(A) the reproduction of the amoeba

(B) the amoeba, which reproduces

(C) reproducing the amoeba

(D) the amoeba reproduced



8. For the advertiser, one of the greatest appeals of radio is ____ an audience all day long.

(A) that it has

(B) that to have

(C) to have it

(D) having it



9. Charles Schulz’s comic strip, “Peanuts,” features children who make ____ about life.

(A) funny, wise statement that

(B) which funny, wise statements

(C) statements are funny but wise

(D) funny but wise statements



10. One of the major rivers of the western United States, ____ flows for some 1,5000 miles from Colorado to northwestern Mexico.

(A) it is the Colorado River

(B) the Colorado River which

(C) and the Colorado River

(D) the Colorado River



11. In art, the tendency of gouache colors to lighten on drying makes ___ a wide range of pearly or paste-like effects.

(A) it is possible

(B) possible

(C) possible to be

(D) it possible the



12. Isabel Bishop was one of many American artists ___ by the government during the Depression years on various federal art projects.

(A) employed

(B) whose employment

(C) to employ

(D) had been employed



13. Outbreaks of diseases in trees commonly occur _____ stressed because of drought or other environmental factors.

(A) as forests that become

(B) in forests become

(C) that become forests

(D) when forests become



14. To break thick ice, an icebreaker boat moves fast enough to ride up on the ice, ____ under its weight.

(A) so then breaks

(B) when breaks it

(C) which then breaks

(D) for which then breaks



15. Cholesterol is present in large quantities in the nervous system, where ____ compound of myelin.

(A) it a

(B) a

(C) being

(D) it is a




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