1. ---a bicameral, or two-chamber parliament.

(A) Canada has

(B) Having Canada

(C) Because Canada has

(D) That Canada is having

2. ---time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only three fingers and a thumb.

(A) Saved

(B) Saves

(C) To save

(D) The saving

3. The recent discovery of a novel by Harriet Wilson, published in 1859, ---a landmark in Black American literature.

(A) has brought to light

(B) light to brought has

(C) brought to light has

(D) has light to brought




4. ---telescopes of the 1600’s magnified objects thirty-three times their original size.

(A) That the

(B) The

(C) This is the

(D) Being where the


5. Thyme, ---, yields a medicinal oil containing thymol.

(A) a fragrant garden herb

(B) garden herb which is fragrant

(C) fragrant garden herb

(D) is an herb in a fragrant garden

6. Until the ninth century, written words were not actually separated, ---in some literary writing, dots or points were used to indicate divisions.

(A) in spite of

(B) contrary

(C) contrast to

(D) but




7. Nutritionists ---goat milk to be rich, nourishing, and readily digested.

(A) consider

(B) is considered

(C) are considered

(D) considering

8. ---conventional black ink costs newspapers about thirty cents a pound, most rub-resistant inks add at least ten cents more per pound to the bill.

(A) Furthermore

(B) Meanwhile

(C) Moreover

(D) While

9. John Lone’s physical grace and ---age, sex, and culture make him an extraordinary performer.

(A) his ability to transcend

(B) is able to transcend the

(C) the transcending ability

(D) with his ability transcending




10. Before ---of synthetic dyes, yarns were often colored by dyes obtained from natural vegetable and mineral matter.

(A) introducing

(B) introduction

(C) the introduction

(D) introducing that

11. Ducks have been domesticated for many centuries ---commercially for their meat and eggs.

(A) raised

(B) and are raised

(C) raised as

(D) are raised

12. Maggie Lena Walker, an insurance and banking executive, ---and spent her entire life in Richmond, Virginia.

(A) and was brought up

(B) brought up with

(C) who was brought up

(D) was brought up




13. The activities of the international marketing researcher are frequently much broader than ---.

(A) the domestic marketer has

(B) the domestic marketer does

(C) those of the domestic marketer

(D) that which has the domestic marketer

14. Mercury differs from other industrial metals ---it is a liquid.

(A) whereas

(B) in that

(C) because of

(D) consequently

15. In black verse ---of ten syllables, five of which are accented.

(A) line consists of each

(B) consists of each line

(C) each line consists

(D) it consists of each line




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