1. Resin is a substance that ---in water.

(A) does not dissolve

(B) do not dissolve

(C) not dissolving

(D) not dissolved

2. ---hardiness, daylilies can be cultivated particularly easily.

(A) Their

(B) Since their

(C) It is their

(D) Because of their

3.A biologist does not merely describe organisms, but tries to learn ---act as they do.

(A) what cause them to

(B) causes them to what

(C) what to cause them

(D) what does to them



4.Vaporization in connection with general --- has a marked effect on long – term climate.

(A) atmospheric conditions that

(B) conditions are atmospheric

(C) are atmospheric conditions

(D) atmospheric conditions

5. The oldest city in the state, --- .

(A) the Hudson’s Bay Company founded Vancouver, Washington, in the early nineteenth century

(B) the founding of Vancouver, Washington, by the Hudson’s Bay Company in the early nineteenth century

(C) Vancouver, Washington, was founded by the Hudson’s Bay Company in the early nineteenth century

(D) In the early nineteenth century with the founding of Vancouver, Washington, by the Hudson’s Bay Company

6. --- raw materials into useful products is called manufacturing.

(A) Transform

(B) Transforming

(C) Being transformed

(D) When transforming



7. Alexander Graham Bell once told his family that he would rather be remembered as a teacher of the deaf ---of the telephone.

(A) than inventing

(B) than as the inventor

(C) the invention

(D) as the inventor

8. Because its leaves remain green long after being picked, rosemary --- associated with the idea of remembrance.

(A) and becomes

(B) became

(C) becoming

(D) to become

9. --- that of iron construction, the technology for constructing buildings with reinforced concrete developed rather rapidly.

(A) Dissimilar

(B) Different

(C) Not likely

(D) Unlike




10. Although adult education in the United States began in colonial times, --- chief growth has taken place since the 1920’s.

(A) its

(B) so it

(C) but its

(D) it is

11. Hot objects emit --- do cold objects.

(A) rays more than infrared

(B) rays are more infrared than

(C) more than infrared rays

(D) more infrared rays than

12. An Olympic marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards, approximately --- from Marathon to Athens.

(A) the distance is

(B) that the distance is

(C) is that the distance

(D) the distance




13. Although --- rigid, bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the skeleton to withstand considerable impact.

(A) apparently

(B) are apparently

(C) apparently their

(D) are they apparently

14. One of the oldest types of aesthetic theory is that of formism, --- .

(A) reference to the imitation theory is popular

(B) the imitation theory is popularly referred to

(C) is the reference to the popular imitation theory

(D) popularly referred to as the imitation theory

15. A panda’s primary activity is sleep, --- its waking hours looking for food.

(A) that it spends

(B) for spending

(C) and it spends

(D) will spend




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