1. When ---in arctic regions, the Aleuts construct igloos as temporary winter shelters.

(A) travel

(B) to travel

(C) traveling them

(D) traveling

2. Most substances contract when they freeze so that the density of a substance’s solid is ---of its liquid.

(A) than the higher density

(B) higher than the density

(C) the density is higher than that

(D) the higher the density

3. The mechanism by which brain cells store memories is ---clearly understood.

(A) none

(B) no

(C) not

(D) nor

4. Desert animals ---a means of retaining moisture in such a hot, dry climate if they are to survive.

(A) need

(B) needing

(C) to need

(D) was needed

5. ---state of Wyoming is also known as the “Equality State” because Wyoming women were the first in the nation to vote.

(A) The

(B) There is a

(C) That the

(D) As the

6. Fructose is a monosaccharide sugar that is much sweeter ---.

(A) than cane sugar does

(B) does cane sugar

(C) cane sugar

(D) than cane sugar

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7. Ground plans and contour maps of the Earth ---from aerial photographs.

(A) can be drawn

(B) can draw

(C) to draw

(D) drawn


8. By the middle of the twentieth century, painters and sculptors in the United States had begun to exert ---over art.

(A) influence worldwide a great

(B) a great worldwide influence

(C) influence a great worldwide

(D) a worldwide influence


9. ---millions of galaxies exist in the vast space outside the Milky Way.

(A) It is estimated that

(B) An estimate that

(C) That is estimated

(D) That the estimated

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10. The extent of the harmful effect of locoweeds on animals depends on the soil ---the plants grow.

(A) which

(B) which in

(C) in which

(D) in


11. The operetta first ---as a popular form of musical theater in the nineteenth century.

(A) to emerge

(B) emerging

(C) has emerged

(D) emerged


12. ---complex organic catalysts originating in living cells.

(A) Enzymes

(B) Enzymes are

(C) Enzymes which are

(D) Enzymes while they


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13. In the eastern part of New Jersey ---, a major shipping and manufacturing center.

(A) lies the city of Elizabeth

(B) the city of Elizabeth lies there

(C) around the city of Elizabeth lies

(D) there lies the city of Elizabeth around


14. Work in parapsychology, ---, has attracted a relatively small number of scientists.

(A) is a very controversial field

(B) which a very controversial field is

(C) a very controversial field

(D) a field very controversial which


15. ---, the constitution of the Cherokee Nation provided for a chief executive, a senate, and a house of representatives.

(A) In 1827 they drafted

(B) The draft in 1827

(C) In 1827 was drafted

(D) Drafted in 1827

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