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1. ---ratchet is a wheel or bar that can move in only one direction.

(A) A

(B) It is a

(C) Although a

(D) There is a


2. Thomas Jefferson’s achievements as an architect rival his contributions ---a politician.

(A) such

(B) more

(C) as

(D) than


3. The chief foods eaten in any country depend largely on ---best in its climate and soil.

(A) it grows

(B) what grows

(C) does it grow

(D) what does it grow


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4. Possibly the greatest advance in ---materials came with the invention of a cheap way to make steel.

(A) bridge-building

(B) building of bridges

(C) building a bridge

(D) bridges are built


5. ---, snakes frequently subdue their prey without injecting poison.

(A) Contrary to general belief

(B) General belief contrary to

(C) Belief contrary to general

(D) Contrary belief general to


6. Two years after she was chosen president of the Texas State Senate, ---successfully for a seat in the United States Congress.

(A) Barbara Jordan’s campaign being

(B) Barbara Jordan campaigned

(C) Campaigning for Barbara Jordan

(D) Barbara Jordan campaigning


Video chữa đề câu 4-câu 6


7. The values of a people, their customs, and their perceptions of the world ---their language.

(A) are influenced

(B) be influenced

(C) influencing

(D) influence


8. Over a very large number of trials, the probability of an event’s ---is equal to the probability that it will not occur.

(A) occurs

(B) will occur

(C) can occur

(D) occurring


9. ---fashioned from a wick floating in a bowl of oil functioned according to the principle of capillary action.

(A) All lamps early

(B) Lamps all early

(C) All early lamps

(D) Early all lamps


Video chữa đề câu 7-câu 9


10. Annie Jump Cannon, ---discovered so many stars that she was called “the census taker of the sky.”

(A) a leading astronomer who

(B) who, as a leading astronomer,

(C) was a leading astronomer

(D) a leading astronomer,


11. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a runner, ---to the body.

(A) the stress it is greater

(B) greater is the stress

(C) greater stress is

(D) the greater the stress


12. And ideal is a standard ---people judge real phenomena.

(A) how

(B) of

(C) by which

(D) for it


Video chữa đề câu 10-câu 12


13. Maine has ---weather than most of the other states in the continental United States.

(A) coolest

(B) the coolest

(C) cooler

(D) the cooler


14. Amoebas are ---small to be seen without a microscope.

(A) far too

(B) far and

(C) so far

(D) as far as


15. Graphite conducts electricity ---does not burn.

(A) because

(B) if

(C) when

(D) and


Video chữa đề câu 13-câu 15



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