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1. The difference between libel and slander is that libel is printed while__________.

(A) spoken is slander

(B) is spoken slander

(C) slander is spoken

(D) is slander spoken



2. Great numbers of tiny shelled animals—on the ocean floor.

(A) Live

(B) Living

(C) They will live

(D) If they lived



3. The knee is the joint __________the thigh bone meets the large bone of the lower leg.

(A) when

(B) where

(C) why

(D) which



4. Closed plane figures like the square or the equilateral triangle can be grouped into a class __________polygons.

(A) called

(B) to call

(C) is called

(D) call as



5. Acids are chemical compounds that, in water solution, have __________, a corrosive action on metals, and the ability to turn certain blue vegetable dyes red.

(A) tastes sharp

(B) sharp-tasting

(C) a sharp taste

(D) tasting sharp



6. __________the history of the tough, strong-willed Nebraska farmer.

(A) Not only is much of the history of Nebraska

(B) Although it is much of the history of Nebraska that is

(C) It is much the history of Nebraska’s being

(D) Much of the history of Nebraska is



7. Billie Holiday’s reputation as a great jazz-blues singer rests on her ability __________emotional depth to her songs.

(A) be giving

(B) are given

(C) being given

(D) to give



8. __________1895 did Cornell University begin to offer a degree in ornithology.

(A) Not until

(B) Not since

(C) Until

(D) In



9. Uniform acceleration occurs __________the rate of change remains the same over successive and equal intervals of time.

(A) according

(B) if

(C) with

(D) under



10. People’s expectations for a higher standard of living increase __________.

(A) conditions in their community improve

(B) since conditions in their improving community

(C) conditions improve in their community

(D) as conditions in their community improve


11. Essentially, a theory is an abstract, symbolic representation of __________reality.

(A) what it is conceived

(B) that is conceived

(C) what is conceived to be

(D) that is being conceived of



12. All of the plants now raised on farms have been developed from plants __________wild.

(A) once they grew

(B) they grew once

(C) that once grew

(D) once grew



13. __________relatively costly, the diesel engine is highly efficient and needs servicing infrequently.

(A) Even

(B) It is

(C) Even though

(D) There is



14. __________images out of clay, stone, and metal.

(A) The shaping of sculpture

(B) Sculpting the shapes

(C) To shape sculpture

(D) Sculptors shape



15. __________dates from the end of the eighteenth century.

(A) The modern circus

(B) That the modern circus

(C) While the modern circus

(D) The modern circus that




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